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Ischgl → Sankt Gallenkirch 44km Hitchhiked by Tuppen90 2

Short ride just to get going

Got to ride over the silvretta road and up on 2000 meter in a cabriolet with ass heater! beutiful view!!!

25 August 2012
Salzburg → Ischgl 286km Hitchhiked by Tuppen90 6 2

Got à ride short after waking up, à doctor couple Took me to saltzburg

Short ride to the german border

To hungarians picked me up ands asked if it was Alright to go trough München, Why not i Said, lets see, to good mooded funny old men, Can not turn bad? We went to Bayern MÅünchen training camp where he had some buissnes to do, then down the country road to the alps, they invited me for food, then on to his son working on à big hotel on à mad beutiful spot next to à lake,… (read on in Trip)

À Prettu old priest picked me up, telling me about the truth and god, half hour ride was just perfect to keep it intresting, he Said good byn with à prayer and 20€

Short ride with 3 other guys coming from rainbow

Short ride in the heavy storm that suddenly came over us

20 August 2012
Wien → Salzburg 295km Hitchhiked by Tuppen90 2

Decided after few hours in Wien to leave, got out of the city with à homegoing family man.

À very Nice roman man drew me to à rest area before saltzburg, dead tired i pitched My tent behind à few trees!

19 August 2012
Buda → Wien 242km Hitchhiked by Tuppen90 2

After à breakfast and loads of water we decided to try our luck again, in the blazing sun, we decided to split up and then it let loos, first My Buddy and an hour later i got away in à super luxus Mercedes, just out on the highway to the next restingarea, he was My god after about 26 hours on that spot!

Once out of Budapest it went with butter, à Young wienerin coming from the same festival brought me to central Wien, good conversations.

19 August 2012
Buda → Buda unknown distance Hitchhiked by Tuppen90 0 1
Two people
18 August 2012
Berlin → Budapest 879km Hitchhiked by Tuppen90 3
Two people
04 August 2012
Daldorf → Berlin 317km Hitchhiked by Tuppen90 2
Two people
31 July 2012
Roskilde amt → Bad Segeberg 263km Hitchhiked by Tuppen90 5
Two people
27 July 2012
Linz → Basel 722km Hitchhiked by Veitgregor 6


hungarian guy who was going to germany to work as a barkeeper. very nice guy btw who likes to ride his motorcycle which has actually 1ps per kg :D

took me to passau where i missed the roadhouse –.–' so i had to go on from a parking area.. so i got my dumbness proven once more :D

udo jürgens

i was already very despaired at the parking area when this old woman came and picked me up, after being sceptic for a minute. we had great talks and she quite liked me at the end of the ride. btw she wanted to pair me off with her granddaughter and actually paid me a meal where we parted ways :D


a nice brasilian/english couple who was going to marry shortly after we met. actually made a detour to give me better oportunities to go on :D


really nice german/kirgisian guy who was going home from some dirt park with his motocross bike in the back of his van while enjoying a beer :D funny too: when we left the highway to tank up we ran out of gas and had to push the van into the petrol staion :D


nice couple from freiburg which gave me the advice to swim down the rhein while visiting basel..


an italian guy and a peruanian guy. both were very nice and the older italian guy actually hitchhiked very much himself in southamerika.. told me some pretty cool stories :D

29 July 2012
Kalundborg → Köpenhamn 102km Hitchhiked by Tuppen90 1
More than three people
25 July 2012
Göteborg → Köpenhamn 319km Hitchhiked by Tuppen90 3

Was lucky, just when i arrived to the spot a girl stopped car going in the same direction. À interesting old man that told storys about his old days by see. Unlucky he droppes is of in à smaller village just before Malmö.

01 July 2012
Tarnow → Glasgow 2,374km Hitchhiked by Amanii 16


During my trip from Poland to Scotland, I've met only nice and helpful drivers (and a great Couch Surfing host), but Stewart was just one of the most amazing people I've ever met. I asked him for a ride at Jabbeke service station in Belgium. I was afraid that I won't catch a ride through the UK border, cause I was travelling with my rabbit, and although everything was legal,… (read on in Trip)

14 August 2012
Grodków → Tarnow 317km Hitchhiked by Amanii 4
13 August 2012
Tarnow → Wroclaw 355km Hitchhiked by Amanii 2
09 August 2012
Mattawa → Toronto 388km Hitchhiked by Sappho 4
Two people

Host drives us to the hwy

After a weekend of great old people music at Voyaguer Days and socializing with my buddies mom, she drove us to the hwy headed south back to Toronto.

Another music festival van

after just a couple of minutes of sorting ourselves a van with a couple of 20's yr olds give us a ride, just down the hwy on their way home from a different music festival!

Buddy shares his space

2 Ladies and an old blonde lab picked us up within minutes and all the way to Barrie we go! Minivans are not the best for conversations but Buddy was happy to have petting and attention for his journey.

a Business Guy

It was getting on and after standing on the on ramp for about 15 minutes and so close to home we were starting to wonder about just catching a bus to the city!!! And, then a cool business guy gave us a lift to the top of the city and an hour later we were on Toronto transit headed for home to drop our gear and spend a night on a friends boat to wrap up 2012's Voyaguer Days journey …

30 July 2012
Trenčín → Trenčín 3km Hitchhiked by Amines 1
Two people

just a short ride


06 July 2012
Trenčín → Trenčín 3km Hitchhiked by Amines 1
Two people

just another short ride


06 July 2012
Bratislava → Tončići 582km Hitchhiked by Amines 5
Two people

Bratislava- Hungary

A hungarian guy returning from Berlin

Hungary - Budapest

Another hungarian guy returing from Switzerland

Budapest - Balaton

A hungarian couple

Balton - Just before Croatia

A truck

Before Crotia- Croatia

A hungarian couple

27 July 2012
Tončići → Bratislava 489km Hitchhiked by Amines 1
Two people

whole distance

Polish couple. So many columns we had to wait in the columns for long

28 July 2012
Rzeszow → Tarnow 80km Hitchhiked by Amanii 4
31 July 2012