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Hamburg → Berlin 288km Hitchhiked by Thywen 1
Two people

Again a Phaeton

I stood at the Horner Kreisel when an other Hitchhiker occured. We arranged us and we went to different places. After 15 Minutes a car stops and I just asked if he could take both of us and he agreed so we took the car.

He was born in germany and lived in italy for a long time. He worked as an achitect and now he is a sales manager. We talked the whole time and it was awesome :)

25 July 2012
Sary-Taşh → Oshkosh 183km Hitchhiked by Ostkreuz 2
Three people

Bad tires

The first car – a big Kyrgyz truck – to come by, stopped for us. The driver, going all the way to Osh, wanted money right away for fuel. Later on he started asking money all the time when he wanted to take a break. He had tire problems because he stopped frequently to inflate them further.

16 September 2009
Berlin → Ede 607km Hitchhiked by Ostkreuz 3
Three people

Super new Audi

A man working for Audi, driving a brand new car from his company, took us from an Aral petrol station at Nikolassee to the Berlin ring Raststätte Michendorf. A German girl going to Dresden also went with us.

Student's parents

Coming out of the restaurant at Michendorf were two people over 50. Turned out they were going to Braunschweig to visit their sons who was studying there. They took us nearly all the way to Braunschweig and were very nice people to talk to.

The Bosnian

Right when we left the student's parents behind, we met Adi – if I remember his name correctly. Most important reason to talk to him: his Dutch numberplate.

Turned out he was from Arnhem, but originally Bosnian. He was full of stories about Bosnia and the crazy parties there. Also, he told a lot about himself, including his divorce and work. Very nice guy who actually went… (read on in Trip)

12 November 2009
Ede → Berlin 604km Hitchhiked by Ostkreuz 5
Two people

First time: Berlin via Frankfurt...

Started in Ede on petrol station on Willy Brandtsingel. Got picked up and taken to A12 petrol station Buunderkamp.

Buunderkamp - Twello

Drove with a mom who was going to visit her daughter studying in Deventer.

Estonian truck driver

Estonian truck driver Martti took us from the A1 at Twello to Germany. Unfortunately the map was wrong: there was no petrol station but only a rest area where he had to drop us off. He was going to Bremen and could not bring us further.

Boring women

Two Dutch women on the way to Dresden or Leipzig took us, along with their smelly dog on the back seat. Terrible ride. Because of the dog, but also because of the utter boringness of the women. They did not want to ask us anything and hardly responded to our questions.

Polish couple and a language barrier

Got picked up by a Polish couple who couldn't speak English and didn't want to drop us of at an S-bahn station. Ended up going to Frankfurt and der Oder. Took a train back to Berlin.

16 July 2008
Malmö → Stockholm 612km Hitchhiked by Thywen 4
15 June 2012
Copenhagen → Hamburg 330km Hitchhiked by Thywen 3
17 June 2012
Wroclaw → Tarnow 355km Hitchhiked by Amanii 4 1

I missed my train in Wroclaw by seconds. Really upset I decided to try and hitchhike. I went to the hitch spot, found a ride, got dropped at the gas station, ate lunch, then I'd been given a ride by a couple who asked me for a light when I was smoking (I asked them for a ride in exchange). When I got to Tarnow it was 19:54 – my train was still to arrive at the station (20:10… (read on in Trip)

17 July 2012
Tarnow → Wroclaw 355km Hitchhiked by Amanii 2

The second driver I found through CB Radio. He was great, very helpful. During the trip I told him that I'm moving abroad (UK), one thing led to another, and at the end we exchanged phone numbers, and he's gonna take me to France in August, where I'll try and hitch to Scotland. Great guy!

10 July 2012
Kudowa-Zdrój → Wroclaw 124km Hitchhiked by Amanii 3
Two people
27 May 2010
Gdynia → Tarnow 648km Hitchhiked by Amanii 6 1
05 July 2012
Tarnow → Gdynia 635km Hitchhiked by Amanii 4 1

After travelling for free through the entire country, meeting only nice and helpful people, I got caught by a fucking douchebag ticket inspector on the bus in Gdynia, when I was actually going to buy a ticket. I just needed to go one stop from where the driver dropped me, to my final destination. He wouldn't listen to my explanations and I needed to pay the fine. Luckily,… (read on in Trip)

03 July 2012
Warsaw → Wroclaw 341km Hitchhiked by Amanii 2
28 July 2009
Wroclaw → Warsaw 346km Hitchhiked by Amanii 4 1
22 July 2009
Gdynia → Wroclaw 582km Hitchhiked by Amanii 2
05 July 2010
Wroclaw → Kudowa-Zdrój 124km Hitchhiked by Amanii 3
Two people
20 May 2010
Wroclaw → Krakow 272km Hitchhiked by Amanii 1
01 April 2010
Tarnow → Krakow 84km Hitchhiked by Amanii 1
Two people
21 July 2010
Wroclaw → Tarnow 355km Hitchhiked by Amanii 4
Two people
20 June 2010
Paldiski → Vilnius 645km Hitchhiked by Vilius 11 1
Two people

angry dude

on a crossroad in Keila, gave us a sign – "what about money" but still stopped. Had to suffer a decent portion of negativity till Tallinn.

say goodbye to friends and take off

1 couple started 10minutes earlier and got a 3rd car in 2minutes. Sandris (a driver from Latvia) joined us until Parnu, so there was 3 of us at the start.

city hh, Tallinn

the angry dude dropped us off somewhere in outskirts of Tallinn – didn't take the same route as we expected. Using "2km" sign we got a ride to a good spot, some 5-8km cross-town. Driver was very curious what were we doing almost near center.

taxi from Tallinn to Parnu

Tallink company's taxi picked us up on highway towards Parnu. He did drop us off on that strange entrance to Parnu bypass.

Parnu Savior

Taking the bypass on Sunday seemed to be a mistake as later we learned – most traffic was going crosstown. After 1hour we stopped a TIR for Sandris and 30min later minibus with another hitchhiker took us to Parnu exit.

ride to middle of nowhere

At Parnu exit we met 4 other hitchhikers trying to reach Riga, plus we had Ella from our car. We chose to be original and use 'Paris' sign instead of other's Riga. Didn't help much as a couple in front of us stopped an enthusiastic driver who went through much trouble making space for 5 passengers in his minibus. We sat on beanbags for 40km barely seeing much of the forest around us.

middle of nowhere (near Haademeeste)

3 of us stopped a car going to Riga. The driver had all the latest and greatest phone/gps toys, as he was a wholesale dealer. He did confirm a rather known evil fact about phone companies making phone which wouldn't last long (mainly through marketing/moral expiration). Ella decided to stay on the seaside for the night, somewhere around Tuja.

in city hh, Riga

another mistake – we got distracted and missed our exit where the road leads straight toward airport – ended up in Riga. Only 1 LT car passed us but we were happy to use a supermarket and 2km sign worked out again – got a lady who drove us big part of Riga's outskirts, to the new bridge. We did pick up her daughter on the way and received some gifts =]

bus+2km to hydroplant

got seriously stuck near the bridge with messed up sense of direction, ended up taking a bus with some local boys who seem to have many friends on the bus route toward Daugavpils. The bus number was 15, and the stop was… "Pagriziens uz darzeniem" which for us Lithuanians sounded a bit like "chew behind a shed". Asked a local girl how far the hydro-electric-plant was – used… (read on in Trip)

twilight ride to Bauska

A smoky start – driver was a mechanic with a very smoky car, the exhaust system was a bit leaky.. Probably death by exhaust gases is not such a scary way to go or.. our companions were quite welcoming and interesting. They did turn back a bit to show us this 5story building with an outline/stencil of a boy on its side – apparently the legend tells it appeared after some 6year… (read on in Trip)

fancy pants ride straight home.

rather dark spot for night hh, used only 3 reflectors as I thought I've lost my headlamp. Still, we managed to avoid getting stuck further down the road say at 2am near Panevezys. the driver must've slowed down thinking we were police (he told us about quite usual speeding related encounters with authorities). Fast and comfy mercedes, interesting conversation and a few common friends in Vilnius.

08 July 2012
Horsham → Brighton 36km Hitchhiked by Brackers 2

Yeomans Asphalt trucker

Quick pickup from my hometown out to Pease Pottage

Darrius Iranian

Iranian guy called Darrius picked me up. Very nice bloke. I'm sure to visit Iran after his chat. Detoured all the way to Brighton Pier

02 July 2012