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Aksay → Uralsk 152km Hitchhiked by Uncle_sam01 3

Old teacher

Nice old lady (the only female driver on this entire trip so far, ie. in almost 10k km) who spoke such clear and slow Russian that I understood almost every word. As a geography teacher, she actually knew the difference between Slovakia and Slovenia! She was going home from a dacha and we had a really nice conversation about Kazakhstan and fruit. Although she was ethnically… (read on in Trip)

Kazakh trucker

Really nice trucker from Atyrau. Picked me up at a restaurant/truckstop as he saw me hitching. Wanted to pay for a melon I bought on the way, but I didn't let him.

15 September 2019
Orenburg → Aksay 179km Hitchhiked by Uncle_sam01 3


Nice Russian guy in a former military minivan (gazik). Gave me lots of food and fried fish!


Nice trucker in a kamaz who took me most of the way. His cabin was one of the messiest I've ever seen. Really liked Putin

The guy from Aksay

Took me all the way to the border, which I crossed on foot, and had worked in Aksay all his life. Knew a lot about companies who helped build it and told me a lot of information I would otherwise have a hard time finding out. I was looking for buildings built by my grandpa and he showed me all the ones built by Czechoslovak companies. Even knew Nitra. Drove me to the "Czech… (read on in Trip)

15 September 2019
Zhosaly → Orenburg 1,181km Hitchhiked by Uncle_sam01 7

Old guy in a zhiguli

Older guy in a zhiguli going home from work. Had a good conversation about old Soviet cars.

Longest truck ride

One of the longest rides I've ever hitched. It was a Kazakh guy going to Moscow delivering melons. He was really nice and we talked about so many different things. He was quite religious, but did not mind me being an atheist. We went through an incredibly crappy patch of road where his trailer broke, so we spent some time replacing screws. Once he parked to sleep, I collected… (read on in Trip)

Good soldier Švejk

I was wearing my beige, somewhat military looking shirt and this guy pulls over and says "I look at you and I think: Good soldier Švejk!". Little did he know I was from Slovakia :P Nice trucker, quite educated.

Uzbek trucker

Neat Uzbek guy, really friendly. Wanted to go live in the US.

11 September 2019
Spatayevo → Zhosaly 539km Hitchhiked by Uncle_sam01 4


Nice Trucker who gave me a Kazakh souvenir (plastic hand). Wanted to give me a giant Crocodile Dundee knife, which I'd really wanted, but considering I'd pass via 7 more border crossings, I politely refused.

10 September 2019
San José del Cabo → San Ignacio 807km Hitchhiked by Babyspinach 16
Alone San Jose del Cabo - Puerta Cabo Puerta Cabo - Camino Cabo Este La Fortuna - Cabo Pulmo Cabo Pulmo - Santiago Camino Cabo Este - La Fortuna Santiago - Rancho San Dionisio Rancho Burrera - Todos Santos Todos Santos - La Paz La Paz West - North La Paz - Loreto Truck #3 Mulege Mulege(ish) - Loma Azul Mulege - Santa Rosalia Santa Rosalia - Volcan Las Tres Virgenes Turnoff Santa Rosalia - San Ignacio Volcan Las Tres Virgenes Turnoff - Santa Rosalia

Wrong turns

Going in the direction of the Oxxo is normally a good plan, unfortunately this one lead me to a few kms backtracking on foot in the heat, due to no fault of the drivers.

Canadian Concern

An older Canadian couple who had emigrated to Mexico kindly offered to drive back at sunset to check i'd got a lift. At that point, sunset was about 8 hours away. Bless.

Fisherman try driving

Two men who had fished together around Los Cabos every year for over 20 gave me a ride to Cabo Pulmo after their boat broke down. In 20 years they had never driven the road! They were very generous with their snacks and taught me a heap about the fish in the Sea of Cortez.

Breakdown / Solution

This was actually two rides – one in the back of a pickup that promptly broke down after the tyre all but fell off. After offering moral support for a while, two Brazillian women who had been on a diving trip I'd done drove past, and drive me right to the centre of Santiago to get provisions for a Sierra La Laguna traverse.

Breezes and Burros

Riding through the desert in the back of a pick-up for an hour or so was fantastic, even better when the drivers stopped for me to pat some inquisitive burros.

Lucky trailhead ride #1

Nearing sunset I thought it unlikely to get a ride up the 20km no-through dirt road to the start of my hike that day, but I was wrong! A former park ranger and his older friend went out of their way to drop me right at the trailhead, stopping to take photos at lookouts on the way, and then stopping at a friend's place. Said friend had a garden bursting with summer fruits, and… (read on in Trip)

Lucky trailhead ride #2

After finishing my traverse of the sierra I was resigned to walking the 18km unused dirt road to the highway. Despite not encountering anyone else on the walk, a car was there waiting for some uni students to finish up their hike. They arrived about an hour after me in the dark, and their ride gave me a lift to the highway. I got a shower and a hostel bed that night and was very grateful!

Radical nurse

A beautiful older woman gave me a ride, her spirit of adventure was just boundless and she said she was always so happy to see women hitching. She worked with women experiencing domestic violence, ran climate change campaigns in her town and was generally the absolute bomb.

A quick crosstown ride

Private Jet Pilot

A group of Canadian and Scottish immigrants to Mexico driving in two cars – I landed with the pilot driving his zippy mercedes solo at speeds previously unknown to me in Baja. We stopped for lunch and they all bought me snacks (read – lunch and dinner) for my journey. Really sweet dudes.

Loreto - Mulege (almost)

Another exhausted truck driver decided he couldn't do it anymore about 6km out of Mulege at 10:30pm. Just short of the mark of my goal for the day – but I was glad he got any rest at all.


The municipal policeman was fairly unamused at my 10:30pm hitching efforts but gave me a lift right to where i was camping.

French tourists going for a drive in a torrential storm. It was pleasant to be encased in a car during the thunder and rain, and we had a lot of music in common.

Truck #4

Driver already had two hitchhikers stuffed in his cab, but was kind enough to take a third.

El fin

A last hitch to stay somewhere with a roof over my head and recuperate, with a couple of american friends in the leopard-print van. They had a very long hitchhikers log!

Me and my cactus spikes decided to take a bus the rest of the way to Tijuana, but I reckon Baja is a hitchers paradise, and I couldn't recommend it more highly. As a solo woman I experienced no weird, no… (read on in Trip)

In which I frantically try to flag down a car at night while covered in cactus spikes

After a hike gone awry and one of the most unpleasant 15km of my life after falling on a cactus, I was in shock, in pain, bizarrely dehydrated and entirely desperate to get to town. I unceremoniously drank bottle after bottle of the driver's water, and he dropped me at the hospital where late-night cactus removal was performed.

01 September 2019
Guadalupe → Cabo San Lucas 1,562km Hitchhiked by Babyspinach 16
Alone La Paz - Camino Real Punta Lobos (Todos Santos) - Pescadero la cetto - adobe guadalupe winery adobe guadalupe winery - el valle RV park Carreterra - Ensenada Buenavista Canon - San Tomas carreterra - la cetto winery San Tomas - Pedro San Martir turnoff Pedro San Martir Turnoff - San Quentin San Quentin - Guerrero Negro Guerrero Negro - Loreto Loreto - La Paz Playa Balandra - La Paz Camino Real - Todos Santos La Paz - Playa Balandra Pescadero - Cabo San Lucas

NGO worker & dog get me out of town

Excellent lefty working on mutual aid & capacity building projects got me out of the hitching hell (comparative to the one road in most of Baja) that was La Paz (in reality there were no bad hitching places, i was just totally spoiled). Another story of friends made on the road :).

The Frenchman concerned about the wildlife

This was the first of rides where I had to refuse to speak french with the driver due to my fear of speaking Franish for the rest of my trip. He had moved to Pescadero with his three cats, but they kept playing with scorpians, and he was concerned enough about their wellbeing and his inability to keep the scorpians out that he was thinking of moving home.

Solicited winery ride

Whoever said you can't hitch your way around Valle Guadalupe was wrong! A nice Californian couple who made their own wine north of the border gave me a ride and some USD 'for emergencies' to my next desired wine tasting destination. It all felt rather indulgent, in the most delightful way!

the BEST winery ride

Met a delightful young bilingual couple who had family between San Diego and Tijuana. We drank wine and then they took me to eat utterly delicious seafood nearby and dropped me off at my camping spot. #1 of the rides I definitely wish to keep in touch with, and isn't that the beauty of the whole experience? still feel so very lucky for this one.

The real journey begins

a short and sweet ride into Ensenada with a hotel worker.

Farm detour #1

Caught a bus out of Ensenada for half an hour after camping on Playa Hermosa, as recommended by some fellow hitchers camping there. A fruit and vegetable wholesaler took me with him to drop off some invoices at a truly verdant rancho. He left me with the most divine table grapes and tomatoes for my onward journey, and gave me my first taste of Banda music.

unexpected winery ride

A ride before I'd even started hitching! A ranchero saw me walking along with my backpack and dropped me to my destination just a few km away.

To the stars!

Some of the most interesting people I got a ride with – two of the astronomers from the Pedro San Martir national observatory.

Got shouted at by a fairly nasty US citizen about how stupid i was for hitching while waiting – it comprised the worst hitching experience of the trip!

Mango Mania

Two city workers and a whole lot of mangoes comprised this short but juicy ride.

Truck #1

We had a fair bit of trouble understanding each other, but we shared a lot of snacks and the introduction to banda continued. A delightful first long ride through the desert. Hopped out in Guerrero Negro just as the sun was setting and camped by the road.

Truck #2

Started my journey in the arvo after a morning of wandering the salt works etc. The biosecurity officers at the checkpoint on the Baja California and Baja California Sur state line helped me snag another truck south. The mystery of why their are so many memorials on the highway was explained after hearing that my driver Oscar had been driving for 18 hours and was expected to… (read on in Trip)

why you gotta throw so many beer cans out the window?

Four men on a weekend away together heading home to their families. Picked me up before i'd even started thumbing. They were OK but throwing so much rubbish out the window and also just getting increasingly pissed. It was an uneventful ride overall and they dropped me right in downtown La Paz even though it was out of their way.


Two delightful men from Jalisco gave me a lift back into town and extolled the virtues of visiting their state when my girlfriend arrives 3 weeks later. They were super fun and I'd love to go visit.

Farm detour #2

A pipe supplier takes me to a farm positively dripping in mangoes and papaya to deliver a trailerload of pipe fittings. I got to see a beautiful part of Todos Santos I never would have known about!

Boat offerings and a whole lot of dogs

Headed out to Playa Balandra to camp and snorkel; caught a ride with a sailor and fellow hitcher who said he earns enough by giving a couple of 'motivational talks' (aka total bullshit) to corporate firms each month, to keep him and his dogs and his boat. Offered for me to come for a sail around Espiritu Santu with them. I declined but would have jumped at the offer if I was… (read on in Trip)

"You can't be American, we're not that brave"

A Mexican-American father and adult daughter picked me up and went out of their way to drop me in the centre of Cabo. They were amazed but also nonjudgemental of a solo woman hitching. The daughter at the end told me I'd inspired her to try something new or go somewhere by herself. I hope she does. One to make the heart a bit squeezy.

20 August 2019
Poznań → Solkan 2,151km Hitchhiked by Sitko 15

in the morning i started thinking about going to switzerland and i was still dumb enough not to go with one woman who was going all the way to bern. i met two hitchhikers who told me to go with one guy and i still didn't listen. i only then decided to go thru switzerland for whatever it takes. go with the flow. i was picked up by one elderly man with two sad stories behind …

i took out my cardboard saying "salzburg" and Maurice took me to austria, just before salzburg, to my "youth hostel" =)

aaaaaand the very last ride, finally, was that trucker who wasonly going to vilež, right after the italian border.

got picked up fairly quickly by one guy and his son who wee going to woodstock. what i feared the most was that i wouldn't be able to communicat, however they knew english and it was nice =)

four girls in x6 picked me up on the way to berlin in order to celebrate one despedida de soltera. they were all very young and happily married, which was a big surprise to me, since i didn't expect young people to marry anymore. i thought the best idea would be to stop on the polish side of the border and so it was.

i wanted to move forward and did the first big mistake of that trip. instead of staying in poland till i got a lift to michendorf rest area, i decided to continue and whatever happens. so half-italian-half armenian from venezuela, Varouj, was oging to hamburg, and so bypassing berlin on the north side, which i did'nt find a particularly big problem back then. i thought i'd… (read on in Trip)

by the time i saw a potential savior, a portuguese trucker, i knew i was really fucked. so when i saw that truck i almost ran after and i remember the surprised face of Chico when i talked to him in portuguese. i probably didn't have a nice face when he tld me that he was done for that day and only only the next day in the morning he'd take off for direction köln. we made a… (read on in Trip)

i was picked up by Steve with his super duper car, where i was scared to touch anything. he said he was going all the way from berlin to heidelberg to be one weekend with his girlfriend and was kind enough to take me slightly further to the hardtwald gas station. there i still hoped i'd eventually get a ride at least to heilbronn, so i could continue to nürnberg. i was stupid… (read on in Trip)

i was quickly picked up by a young family, where they guy was an ex hitchhiker and happy to pick me. it was nice to talk and i did my second big mistake right then, when it started to go well. i stopped too close to frankfurt, already on the way down, leaving the highway to nürnberg behind me. it took me hours to realize what was the problem, i was running out of food, so i… (read on in Trip)

i ended up on mahlberg rest area just before freibourg. i said to myself that i go home either via munich or milano, so i wrote on my cardboard "zurich/luzern" and waited which direction i'd get first.. i was picked up by one couple, going to zürich, whose son was, together with his friends, traveling africa wih a jeep (Y). this made my way home almost defined, there was still… (read on in Trip)

with that elderly man and with the couple things started to go well again. i replenished my water supply in that hot summer day and started hitching on that busy rest area. i got picked up instantly by 3 kosovarji guys on their was to st gallen.

i took a break and then got quickly picked up by Mark and his mom. he was a lutheran pastor from bern, going to hengersberg, i believe. it was the case that he decided to drop me before münchen and pay me coffee,which was pretty needed =). it was good idea to stop there anyways because i had both directions opened and i could try my luck.

there some truckers were going to the coast, mostly people didn't respond to my cardboard, only one young guy said he was going close but not there. so when he said he was ging to ajdovščina i started speaking slovenian and he was shocked, haha. that's how i got a lift to the highway h4, to vipava, from where i knew it was going to be easy to continue.

there i was walking up and down, trying to get a slovenian truck to slovenia because it was sunday night and they were about to start. since the rest are was very big, i lost some, so i decided to just stand at the entrance and wait, hoping for the best. i thought to myself that maybe some slovenian car would pass by. it eventually did and the guy didn't want to pick me up…. (read on in Trip)

on jesenice rest area i did another big mistake, which tourned out not to be that big after all. two guys with either radovljica or kranj plates said they weren't going to ljubljana or further west and i didn't think of asking them to take me at least to radovljica rest area, the next one down the road, where there would have been way more slovenians. so then fortunately a… (read on in Trip)

02 August 2019
Šempas → Poznań 1,318km Hitchhiked by Sitko 9
Two people

when we were already desperate we got a long lift, straight to leipzig by a guy who had his own company and was less than 30 =) =)

that was the stereotypical polish hitchhiking experience, when one is picked up in a matter of minutes. we could have taken bus but decided to try our luck and we got a ride straight to poznan main station, poznan gŁowny :P

we got picked up by one macedonian who has spent most of his life in jesenice and he was ready to take us to the rest area, the last one in slovenia. he was a pleasant, all the time telling jokes and having balkan music on high volume, haha.

i was asking slovenians, those few that passed by, if they were going either towards maribor or kranj, since it didn't matter in which direction we'd go at that point. so i talked to one woman who wasn't really convinced whether to take us or not and let her wait and think. right when we stopped i saw a car with kranj plates and went there to talk with the passengers who then… (read on in Trip)

the next ride was a young german couple who had their car packed to the top and still they picked us up <3 got to say i don't remember their names anymore, however he was a hitchhiker; and his brother even used to participate in hitchhiking races and won one of them B-)

Aga was active here since it was already her territory due to almost exclusively polish clients on that gas station. she found a cute young family, going back from the netherlands by two cars. i continued with the guy because he spoke english =)

we instantly got picked by two young moldovans who were going to visit some friends in berlin, so that was the ride we were looking for, as they were able to drop us on michendorf. i wish i spoke russian, so we could talk, however they understood there was no language we had in comon and so they didn't insist at talking.

on the polish side of the border we got picked up by Thomas, a german from potsdam, married to a polish, on his way to konin. he actually spoke fluent polish because of his wife and served me as an example that it's my fate to learn that language :P he was so nice he entered komorniki only to drop us there =)

26 July 2019
Alicante → Teruel 332km Hitchhiked by Sitko 5
Two people

it was just a quick ride one gas station further, just the last one before the highways split to the one leading to sagunto and teruel

Mariane picked us up and knowing it was getting dark and we had still some way to teruel, she kindly invited us home. we felt embarrassed and fortunately she didn't insist too much when we told her we'd try find blablacar.

we were waiting on a gas station in alicante, separated so we could cover also the exit, when one guy tells me "hey, you and your girl are separated". i say like yes, so we can cover wider area. he asks where we were going, then since we both were going towards valencia they pick us up :) two friendly Armenians

a cuban dissident went out of his way to drop us on the highway bypassing valencia, namely on the area de servicio de torrent. there i wanted to say hi to the cleaner, whom we kinda made friends with years ago when i was hitchhiking there for hours, however he wasn't working that day :(

the gas station workers received a call from somebody, telling us that we should move away from the window, so we hard to write teruel in Aga’s notebook and hope for the best. we were with the sign when one cute family pass by, we smile at each other, and remain quiet. they come out of the toilet and BAM SURPRISE, they say they will try make space for us in their car and at… (read on in Trip)

13 July 2019
Mikulov → Solkan 567km Hitchhiked by Sitko 8
Two people

in magic 5 minutes we got picked up, as said before, and this was a pretty nice ride.

when we came to slovenia we immediately bought two big coffees for a fraction of a price of austrian one. what a pleasure =) =) those few slovenians who appeared there i had to ask them if we were about to continue and so i quickly got a ride to dobrenje, the next reast area, just before maribor.

it took us way too much to leave brno, perhaps because it's such a nice place =) we decided to take bus straight to mikulov, on the border, instead of trying out luck on the edge of brno, where the same bus passes, which took us to our destination. we walked to the first gas station we found on the main road and quickly moved on the shoulder where we instantly got picked up…. (read on in Trip)

we slept in that place, i'm not sure where it was, in the restaurant. it was pretty comfortable and we were lucky that we met nice gas station workers. especially that woman who brought us some cakes before they were about to throw them away, as the rules require. in the morning we headed towards the exit of the rest area and we were picked up by a pathologist named Thomas,… (read on in Trip)

we were picked up by a polish businessman who lives actually in italy and back then just bought a nice house close to the sea =) he was going to italy and badly wanted to help us, he was ready to go out of his way to take us closer to slovenia, but at the end we convinced him to just drop us somewhere before graz, so he'd continue over klagenfurt to italia. again Aga was handy… (read on in Trip)

we got picked up by the boss of a construction company. unfortunately he was entering the city in such a place that we had to stop before.

it took quite a while and i was lucky i convinced this man to go a bit further and drop us on barje rest area, from where i knew we'd have it relatively easy to continue in our direction.

we met one hitchhiking couple and were all enthusiastic about finally reaching home after what was supposed to be a fast and easy hitch. we got picked up by Sanja, a daughter of ex-yu immigrants, who said she'd never pick up anybody. and yet she did, so i hope that knowing hitchhikers aren't monsters she will continue picking up people =) we got a lift straight to the border… (read on in Trip)

21 July 2019
Teruel → Brno 2,332km Hitchhiked by Sitko 19

on that rest area we took quite a long break, also because we met a german hitchhiker named Leo on the same spot, so it took us some time till we told each other our stories and exchanged our worldviews a bit =). we took that time also for eating and at some point he went to sleep in forests behind the gas station, while we went to the entrance and started looking for a ride…. (read on in Trip)

no idea where we were hitchhiking. we were picked up by an ex hitchhiker in his old škoda felicia who was of mixed slovak-czech origin. he was ready to drop us inside the city of brno, however we didn't want him to make too much of a detour and so we just hopped off on some rest area before the city.

prior to even going to teruel i checked potential hitchhiking spots in the city and i found a repsol gas station on the main way out and already towards the edge, so i thought it might be a good idea to try our luck there. we did have lots of luck with amazingly friendly manager of the company, who even wanted to give me water for hitchhiking on the spanish summer sun, while… (read on in Trip)

so we made it there and put ourselves inside the traffic circle, with a nice shoulder, right on the entrance to the autovía, which we deemed the best possible thing to do in the given circumstance. people were waving this and that, the sun was burning, we were optimistic and hoping for the best. eventually we were so tired that we decided to go under the highway bridge and… (read on in Trip)

it was still pretty early when we started, less than 9 pm, however we had no luck whatsoever, which was for me a big shocker. i expected to make it to france, frankly, the same day, once we were on the mediterranean highway. the gas station worker, who was about to finish her shift, gave us some food before she left. we had conversations on how nice it was of us that we were… (read on in Trip)

we had the honor that Marcelo Cairo himself picked us up and we obviously had no idea who he was till he told us he was in the spanish national sailing team in the laser category. i have to say this chap is a very humble and nice person, doing his best in both sports and studying. glad to meet you, Marcelo =)

and we were again on porta de barcelona, hadn't been there since january this year. we started hitching and got picked up by a french couple who also met on the internet :P. he was a coldier in the french army and she a receptionist, which is what i do at the present moment =) they were about to pick up somebody on blablacar in la junquera, thus we stopped on area de servicio… (read on in Trip)

i didn't even see he wasn't either spanish or french, so i talked to him in french, for unknown reason. he actually knew good french, so when he started talking where he was going, we quickly found another way of communicating. unfortunately i don't remember the name of this swedish phenomenon anymore, but i remember well how much of a great guy he was =). with i believe 22… (read on in Trip)

we stopped on tavel sur, where we hoped we'd be able to continue, which wasn't the case, and we were dissappointed because it was still pretty early when we made it there. we took some nap and a shower, which we needed badly. i thought the woman gave it for free because it was dirty and only later on, talking to the portuguese trucker a few travels later i learned that… (read on in Trip)

while we thought we were fucked as we got dropped just before lyon, we actually were on the one and only highway towards north, which goes thru the center of the city, so no big deal. there was another hitchhiking girl, in a shadow with no vest, so i wonder how was hitchhiking for her, since at some point i lost her out of sight, that's we didn't see her when we were picked… (read on in Trip)

we took some break, i was very tired, and we moved from the gas station to the exit but people were still able to stop safely. we were about to go to metz and then to germany, however Carina offered us a ride to besançon and basically it was exactly where we were heading to, that's the shortest way to czech republic. i sat behind, agin, and the ladies were left on their own to… (read on in Trip)

we met some polish who were about to take us to the border with germany, however we were reluctant, since we knew what it looks like and actually being by besançon we were already close and thus it couldn't have been a long ride anyways, so we hoped we'd find somebody who'd bring us deeper inside germany. right when she was talking to those polish, i was approached by an… (read on in Trip)

we managed to cross, it was pretty easy, just some walking, so we ended up on a seemingly good spot (highway d1, km 5), and we hoped we'd now get a ride quickly. at the end of the day, our reasoning was, brno lied straight down and it was the second biggest city in the country. we were on the link between the two capitals, so to say, and there were no turns in between, so we… (read on in Trip)

i walked round a bit and i saw that a bus driver of an empty bus was just about to leave after he refilled, so i quickly asked "direction nürnberg, two people, please"?, he waved us to jump onboard and off we went :D. we didn't talk and he just dropped us before the city, but it was that we advanced from the place we thought we'd spend the night on, so we were more than happy… (read on in Trip)

as soon as we started we got a ride when one young guy approached us and said we could go with him. Aga fortunately sat, again, on the front seat, bc they soon found out that they both were polish, so they spent the time talking and i was resting calmly behind =). as we waited for nothing more than 5 minutes, we thought that soon we'd be in brno, haha, what a good joke that… (read on in Trip)

my first time hitchhiking in czech republic. it was nice to get a big coffee for fraction of the cost of that one in germany and the gas station workers were nice, so i thought it would be smooth. after all we had relatively short distance to do since the country is fairly small. so we got picked up by a smiling and very nice attitude man called Martin, who barely spoke… (read on in Trip)

we were so tired that we took a nap on the tables that were behind the gas station and only after two hours really started seeking rides. we were optimistic but when time was passing we were slowly losing hope, when one polish trucker offered us help. he was going to poland but knew of a gas station with bridge on the prague ring, so since we were desperate we said we could… (read on in Trip)

we were further picked up by Peter, who spoke great english and was a hitchhiker and did travel the world, so it was a great person to talk to. i have to admit tho that i was so tired that a few times i fell asleep and i only hope he failed to notice it, since it happened due to exhaustion only. i always feel sorry this is the case. we also learned by then that we should… (read on in Trip)

we thought that he was a gas station worker, so we asked basically for an advice on how to get inside. he offered us to take us there, then we only realized he was just a random person in a working suit, haha, so we finally were about to reach the so much wanted destination of ours. Nežka dealt that we'd be dropped in some mall. it was good because we had to buy czk anyways… (read on in Trip)

15 July 2019
Poznań → Alicante 2,619km Hitchhiked by Sitko 18
Two people

a nice romanian picked us up altho we didn't share any language in common =)

we were picked up by one young moldovan in a pretty dirty car, which raised police's suspicion on the way. we somehow made him understand it was actually us whom they were stopping and that he had to follow them. we expected trouble since we all had different passports, however they let us go, fortunately. then on the way he explained he was robbed by one blablacar passanger… (read on in Trip)

we started talking when Darek told me he was going to belguim, which meant over hannover, however when we found out he was polish, then Aga got in action. they were chatting for a while and he changed his mind, going over leipzig instead, so we finally caught the right direction. on the way he even "missed" an exit and went further, probably just so he could talk to her more :D.

that one was one of the top 10 anime plot twists. i see "fr" plates and just talk to the people "excuse me, do you speak english, are you going to freibourg"? he says yes but that they are coppers, so they can't take us, so i thank him and wish him good way. when he comes out of the gas station he invites us with them, haha, so we crossed half germany with them and we were… (read on in Trip)

that's where the story got complicated. they were only going to mulhouse, so off we went and ended up somewhere over the border in some place. we didn't quite understand each other because the guys barely spoke englihs, so we risked and it didn't end up well. it was good after all that we left highway for a while because we were able to buy some food, which later on came… (read on in Trip)

asking round in that place on the french side of the border one guy offered to take us to the highway and he dropped us right by the parking on the border, ie abandoned border checkpoint. there we quickly understood we would have trouble continuing because barely anybody was parked and it was about to get dark, so we started thumbing on the shoulder. the ride was useful but we… (read on in Trip)

here things got even funnier. one young guy was snowboarding in the alps and going home, and he said he'd make it to the first rest area, some 30 kms away. at some point he leaves the highway and says the rest area is like 3 km away :D :D so we walked there right on the highway shoulder, hoping we'd make it without any police hassle. and we made it =)

so we came walking to the rest area porte d'alsace and we were both destroyed, so we decided to rest a bit and eat. when we were about to walk to the entrance i heard some guy speaking portuguese, so we decided to stop and wait till he finishes. i started chatting to him, he was very surprised, but then he made his pal accept us, and off we went =) we were lucky that pippo,… (read on in Trip)

we already thought we'd get stuck but then two guys appeared and took us almost to lyon =)

things went wrong again. after some confusion we find out the guy was about to leave the highway, so in order not to have even more trouble we stopped on the exit and switched sides, in a bid to get on the highway quickly. which we did faster than we expected =)

a nice couple offered to take us to the rest area by the girona airport =)

at first they said no, i nicely wished them safe journey, and then plot twish when she waves me to come back and invites us in =) they took us all the way down to rest area of sagunto

we tried for as long as we could, but then after a while it was simply too cold and we were too tired to go on. it was a self service gas station with a toilet and some vending machines, nothing more, so we were lucky a bridge lead us to the other side, where we could spend the night in a warm place. the next day a super friendly flemish woman with her dogga picked us up and… (read on in Trip)

it took forever to advance to torrent, pretty much bypassing valencia. but eventually we made it with help of a lovely romanian named Bogdan =)

another plot twist. we were happily waiting on that big rest area after eating our breakfast, when we saw two cool-looking spanish guys, whom were slightly to fast for me to talk to them when they passed by. when they came out, i approached them and asked them if they were going to spain. they, on my big surprise, told me they were already thinking if montpeiller, which was on… (read on in Trip)

there were some guys selling some crap, so we only got a ride when they were gone and people weren't confusing us with them anymore, altho we clearly looked like travelers. anyways, we got a lift to porta de barcelona eventually =)

while waiting the previous night it was damp and thus pretty cold outside, we were simply too tired, so we decided to sleep in the hotel on the rest area. we were surprised the receptionist, an ex hitchhiker from lithuania, gave us a discount, so we got a room for a nice discount and the price was pretty accessible :). we started late because we badly needed that longer rest,… (read on in Trip)

as soon as we made it there i see one cool-looking guy, i ask him if he's going to alicante and if he'd take us and we're on the way :D. he was going to playa de san juan but took us to in front of our appartment block =)

17 January 2019
Voklo → Poznań 1,206km Hitchhiked by Sitko 5

i managed to convince one italian trucker to pick me up =) =)

got picked up by a georgian couple living in paris. she was born in a military family in potsdam, lived in greece and knew also greek. very nice people <3

got picked up by a businessman who lived in a truck for 6 years so he could save enough to start a company (Y)

12 January 2019
Ramsgate → Boulogne-sur-Mer 134km Hitchhiked by Puckman 1 1

Crossing the English Channel on a River Boat

After only one hour asking around in Ramsgate, I found a German Captain who was agree to bring me to France the next day. It was with a river boat, conditions were super good and it was a fun time! He was a retired aircraft pilot, living on his boat every summer. He also lived 3 years on it, mostly travelling in France.

23 August 2019
Torlundy → Mallaig 68km Hitchhiked by Puckman 2

Hitchhiker Seat

A french couple who was travelling in Scotland. They had left a seat available in their van especially for hitchhiker and I was only the second guy they picked up for few weeks.

08 August 2019
Yablykangly → Qoshkopir 37km Hitchhiked by Uncle_sam01 2

Marshrutka takes me for free

I was walking out of the border crossing past the array of eager taxi drivers as I see a marshrutka going to the nearest village. The guy honks at me and says to get in. I tell him that I don't have Uzbek money. He says to get in anyway! Great start to Uzbekistan.

Guy in a Daewoo

First proper hitch in Uzbekistan. He agrees to take me for free (wanted money at first) to the next village. We talk and when he learns I'm going to Khiva (around 15 km from there), he pulls up to the marshrutka stop and pays for my ride all the way to Khiva despite my very loud and clear protests (I wanted to hitch and hate it when people want to pay for my ride)… Also… (read on in Trip)

29 August 2019
Ashgabat → Darvaza 251km Hitchhiked by Uncle_sam01 2


I was hitching with two other travelers I'd met in Ashgabat. After about 20 minutes and 4-5 cars which all wanted money, we managed to hitch a kamazista that was going around 20km and was ok with hitching, but only had space for two. Having the advantage of speaking Russian (and a bit of Turkish), I told the guys to take the ride and I'd keep on hitching. After another 20… (read on in Trip)

Cigaretostop Insanity

Guy in a mom-van pulls over and says he's going to Darvaza. We have a discussion about autostop, but he doesn't really want to take me for free. I explain that it's a principle and he's going there anyway, so there's no cost to him. I also say that he can drop me off at the main road and I'll walk to the Gates of Hell (which is my destination). He thinks about it and asks if I… (read on in Trip)

28 August 2019
Artyk → Ashgabat 99km Hitchhiked by Uncle_sam01 1

Guy overheard offered me a ride

I got out of the border post and there was a group of random dudes standing around cars. They offered me a ride to Ashgabat for money (100 manat) but I explained I was hitching. As I was about to leave and walk to the main road, a guy who overheard the conversation approached me and said that he'll take me for free. We waited for his mother who had also just crossed from Iran… (read on in Trip)

27 August 2019
Dargaz → Lotfābād 24km Hitchhiked by Uncle_sam01 2

The Iranian Red Cross

So I needed to go to the toilet. As I'm walking through Dargaz and since my knee was hurting, I tried to find a European one – these can usually be found in hospitals. Once I saw a red crescent and a grey enough building, I walked in and asked about the toilet. They got the director, who made me leave my bag in his office :D They did not have a European toilet… Once I got… (read on in Trip)

Ride to the Border

Nice guy, wanted to learn English, so he pointed at various things and asked me how to say them in English. Drove me out of his way to the border crossing.

27 August 2019
Mashhad → لائین 158km Hitchhiked by Uncle_sam01 4

Nice assistance truck

Really nice road assistance guys. Were delivering a crashed bike to a village. Helped me flag down cars with a red stop sign :D

Jordan Peele lookalike

This guy reminded me of Peele so much :D He spoke some English and asked how to say things (in English). He was really nice and drove to Kallat. The scenery was absolutely spectacular and it was a good choice to travel on this somewhat deserted road.


Guy in a truck delivering merchandise from Mashad. He first wanted money (as almost everyone does), but agreed for "majane". He hated the regime and kissed a picture of Reza Shah on his phone. Again, spectacular scenery.

27 August 2019