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Europe → Croatia 1,612km Hitchhiked by Joanbutler 1 1


A rich and powerful city.

10 February 2016
Jaca → Villach 1,654km Hitchhiked by Lys 16 4

Toulon - Nice

With this french guy stopping for an expresso and in Nice driving through town to find me s spot to sleep. I ended up using McDonald's wifi and found a cheap hostel close by. In bed at 12:30 am.

Carcassonne - Nimes

ride with the french guy who was moving all his stuff and didn't have space for both Jeremy and I

Saint Gauden - Toulouse

teacher and student

Toulouse - Carcassonne

I met Jeremy – a Torontonian guy who's trying his hitchhiking luck in Europe. We hitched one ride together.

Pau - Saint Gauden

driver Vince – young french guy drove real fast through the pouring rain At my drop off point I met a French guy who was going the opposite direction. I was gone after 13 min and hope he made it fast as well!

Nimes - Toulon

Mother and her son on the way to their holiday spot in Toulon pick me up right after I got dropped off ;)


two young guys pick me up to take me to a better spot :)

Nice - toll boot

From downtown Nice I took the tram as close to the Hwy as I could get and got picked up by a woman who then dropped me at a good toll boot :)

Verona - Padova

With the Serbian trucker so after all the English, German and Spanish talking I eventually got to use my Russian skills ;) we were going super slow and I couldn't wait that he dropped me after 88km because it was slowly getting later and later

toll boot - Borgio Verezzi

This trucker Eve was real cool. We talked a mix of Spanish, English, German and somehow managed to understand each other. At the first service station we stopped to start the day with a bouble expresso and enjoy an awesome view over Monaco. The whole drive along the coast was amazing. At the next service station we meet one of his colleagues and i change trucks ;)

Borgio Verezzi - Brescia

When I changed the truck I didn't realize that it would take us super long to get to the place I wanted to go. Bueno. I was almost getting a migraine – my body telling me to slow down. So I didn't bother and had a good rest in the bunkbed in the truck and fought the migraine and didn't have any troubles for the rest of the day ;)

Brescia - Verona

With this doctor Joseph who lives all over the world. It was awesome talking to him as the first person who really understand everything I said…communication with the french people who picked me up was very very limited :( So he gave me awesome tips on where to go in Africa and we had a real good conversation. He almost missed the service station where to drop me…so we… (read on in Trip)

Padova - Palmanova

Amazing Croation guy!!! He's driving Milano – Zagreb once or twice a week and seems to pick up hitchhikers regularly. It was fun talking to him.

Palmanova - Udine

In Palmanova I didn't want to risk the darkness of the night and started approaching people and asking them directly where they are headed…I only had 150km to go. It took me only 5min to find a ride to Udine. I asked him if there's a service station and it turned out that he had to take another exit just to be able to not drop me on the Hwy…oooopsi…next time I'll have to… (read on in Trip)

Udine - Villach

In Udine it was already getting dark – no way anybody could have read my sign. I asked a group of people if they could take me but they were full…ok one more car behind the gas station – my only chance. A German couple going back to Munich after holidays in Triest – perfect. I think at first they were a little bit sceptical and told me there's no place but I covinced them… (read on in Trip)

12 July 2016
Flagstaff → Grand Canyon Village 126km Hitchhiked by Wallpaper 1 1 1
Two people

We had been waiting for only a few minutes when two French women with enormous backpacks walked up and began hitchhiking directly in front of us. We felt like it took a while to get a ride because people thought we were a group of four. Ultimately, we all were picked up by a chill park ranger who drove us straight to the canyon.

07 March 2012
Gila Bend → San Diego 460km Hitchhiked by Wallpaper 3 2 3
Two people police encounter

Failed attempt to hitch out of Phoenix

Police harassed us and threatened to arrest us if we attempted to hitchhike. They told us hitchhiking was certain death, and that they were only protecting us. A police officer escorted us to a regional bus stop and bought us $5 tickets to Gila Bend. He instructed us to take the Greyhound once we got there; upon arrival we ignored his instructions, walked down the I-8 a ways,… (read on in Trip)

Gila Bend → Yuma

A business man heading to Yuma picked us up. Unfortunately because of the situation with the police earlier that day, by the time we arrived in Yuma the sun was about to set. We explored the city and camped in an abandoned lot for the night.

Yuma → San Diego

The next morning we were having no luck hitching from the on ramp. After an hour's wait, we walked through some fields and climbed directly onto the interstate. After 5 minutes, a nice couple (the mom and dad type) picked us up. They were very concerned for our well-being. They drove us straight to San Diego and dropped us off at Balboa Park.

10 November 2011
Östersund → Lomsjö 221km Hitchhiked by Stefansupertramp 2 1

Into the wild

I had to get to my workaway place in the deep Swedish forest. I was prepared to walk at least 15 km through the wild until I reach the place. I got picked up in Östersund while on my way to road E45, the guy saw my sign and dropped me off a really good spot in the outskirts ofthe town. I didnt have to wait long and got picked up by an awsome swedish couple, who took me all the way into the wild :D

27 June 2016
Malung → Östersund 427km Hitchhiked by Stefansupertramp 5 1

unexpected luck

As the german guy early drove to work, he dropped me off a little parking lot at the side of the road E45. I did not have to wait very long to get a lift from my first Swede. He took me to Orsa. There I waited one hour to get a lift from a Finish woman, that took me 10 km further to drop me of in an unhabbitat forest area. There I waited quite some time and got actually a… (read on in Trip)

23 June 2016
Gothenburg → Malung 374km Hitchhiked by Stefansupertramp 3 1

not reaching the goal

I was motivated and set my goal for the day from Gothenburg to Mora. The first aim was to get out of the city to a good spot. Tram, wrong bus (I followed the instructions of the informations guide), train, 3km walk. So I ended up at the spot later than expected. A good start I thought, laughing inside. The spot was indeed not bad, but I had to wait at least for an hour and a… (read on in Trip)

22 June 2016
Reykjahlíð → Seydisfjordur 191km Hitchhiked by Stefansupertramp 2 1

rough driving

I waited about 1 hour until an older icelandic couple pulled over, fresh back from their holdiday in Hungary. They took me to Egilsstadir, to the crossroad to Seydisfjördur. The part of the street was really rough. Lot of snow on the street and almost no sight. Some cars got stuck. At the crossroad I waited only about 5 minutes until some fishers took me in and brought me to my final destination.

02 May 2016
Copenhagen → Gothenburg 315km Hitchhiked by Stefansupertramp 2 1

First time Sweden

Today I started my Journey to Lappland. I went to Tarnby and placed myself at a pretty bad spot. Not many cars, not good stopping area. I decided to wait 1 hour and then search for a better place. After 55 min a guy stopped and took me in. He asked if I have an ID with me due to the bordercontrolls at the swedish border. He noticed then that he forgott his ID. So we drove to… (read on in Trip)

15 June 2016
La Quiaca → Vicente López 1,762km Hitchhiked by Lucas_v 3 1
22 July 2015
Borgarnes → Akureyri 275km Hitchhiked by Stefansupertramp 2 1

First time

So that was the start of my hitchhiking journey. I was driven to the nearest crossroads of the Ringroad. I stood there about 5 min totally excited until a gray van pulled over. A old gray man welcomed me. He could not speak English, but we could communicate somehow anyway. He took me about halfway and droped me at another crossroad. I was waiting in strong wind for about… (read on in Trip)

26 April 2016
Ezuz → Mitzpe Ramon 99km Hitchhiked by Wallpaper 3 1
Two people single woman

Ride in the back of a farm truck with a bunch of olives

A woman from Neot Semadar picked us up. Neot Semadar is one of the few kibbutzim in Israel that have not been privatized. Everyone who lives there shares finances, no one has a specialized job, and they truly live as a community. It was fascinating to get her perspective on what it is like to live in such a place, as well as her opinions on why so many kibbutzim have moved… (read on in Trip)

17 October 2014
Harduf → Bet Shemesh 159km Hitchhiked by Wallpaper 5 1
Two people

An empty tour bus picked us up! The driver only spoke Hebrew.

Two brothers picked us up, they were heading to the beach. They asked if we wanted to go for a swim before parting ways, and we agreed. They took a back way on dirt roads to avoid paying private beach fees. The water was the bluest blue and refreshingly cold. We all dove in, explored the ancient Roman ruins nearby, and then they drove us to our next hitchhiking spot. It was a sweet ride.

05 September 2014
Canyon De Chelly, Arizona 86503, USA → Phoenix 507km Hitchhiked by Wallpaper 3 3
Two people

Hwy → The White House

The back of another pickup. The man was going straight there.

The White House → Sedona

While we were hiking, we met an older married couple on the trail and briefly chatted. They were named Joanne and Jim. We passed them, and upon reaching the trailhead, realized that their luxury car was the only vehicle in the parking lot. We stuck our thumbs out and they picked us up- they told us the only reason they stopped was because we had spoken on the trail. We were… (read on in Trip)

Sedona → Phoenix

A 20 year old kid from my hometown. Born again musician with interesting tattoos. Nice guy.

29 June 2015
Flowing Springs → Canyon De Chelly, Arizona 86503, USA 341km Hitchhiked by Wallpaper 8 5
Two people family single woman single woman single woman family single woman single woman

Pine → Strawberry

Didn't like the vibe with this man, we probably shouldn't have taken the ride. Nothing bad happened, but I felt sketched out.

Hwy → Canyon de Chelly Visitor's Center

Young boys (looked too young to be driving) in a pickup. We sat in the back with the two dogs. Martina's hat flew away :(

Flowing Springs Campsite → Pine

A mom in her 30's with tattoos and three girls ages 8,9,10. Had been camping nearby us.

Visitor Center → Junction Restaurant (Chinle)

A woman who was "just going for a drive." Recommended the Junction restaurant for good local food, and dropped us off right where we needed to be… We ate Navajo tacos.

Burnside → Canyon de Chelly (North Rim Hwy)

A Christian Navajo woman who asked me if I believe in the Bible. She said "It seems simple enough to me."

Chinle → Campground at Canyon de Chelly

A family gave us a ride in the bed of their pickup, just as the sun was setting.

Strawberry → Burnside (Navajo Nation)

A lovely woman in her late 20's named Larose picked us up. She is Navajo. We stopped at an outdoor flea market in Dikon, most people were selling stuff out of the trunks of their cars. Bought some Kneel Down bread (good!) and talked with locals. Stopped at her mom's house in Greasewood. She told us about her high school sweetheart, who used to drive his quad across the open… (read on in Trip)

Hwy → Antelope House

A young girl driving quickly to pick up her mom, whose beadwork is destroyed in rain.

28 June 2015
Mesa → Pine 144km Hitchhiked by Wallpaper 6 2
Two people single woman family family family family

Payson → Tonto Natural Bridge

A Christian man who had done time in prison. Picked us up in a U-Haul. Offered us lots of help through his church. Told us about some weird spiritual energy on a certain stretch of highway.

Mesa → Fountain Hills

A kind woman from the valley picked us up. She reminisced about hitchhiking with friends as a teenager.

Fountain Hills → Payson

A mother and her 23 year old son with their two dogs

Tonto Natural Bridge → (Up)

After the hike, there were only a handful of cars in the parking lot. We caught a ride in the back of a pickup.

Tonto Natural Bridge → Campsite North of Payson

A sweet latino family, who were worried about dropping us off on the side of the highway with a storm rolling in. We sat in the bed of their truck. They gave us Gatorade.

Tonto Natural Bridge → (Down)

A big family, we squeezed in

27 June 2015
Portland → Olympia 182km Hitchhiked by Wallpaper 1 1
Alone single woman

Wow did I connect with this woman! Her name was Katie and her car barely had room for me- it was packed with moving boxes and her large dog. We talked for hours about midwifery, feminism, religion, Americorps, primitive skill building, and so many other things. In Olympia we met up with her sister and we all went to dinner. She read my tarot.

05 October 2012
Eugene → Portland 178km Hitchhiked by Wallpaper 3 1
Two people single woman couchsurf

Another man picked us up on the highway and drove us to Salem. He, too, recommended we see Multnomah Falls.

As I was standing on the highway, another hitchhiker approached me. His name was Oystein. He was a 23 year old Norwegian sporting a ukulele. We were both hitching to Portland so we decided to pair up. A man pulled over a few minutes later and drove us 20 minutes up the road. He was an interesting character, who recommended we see Multnomah Falls if we got the chance.

Karen picked us up in a Prius. She hitchhiked solo across the U.S. three times in the 70's. She was very excited to see young people "like us" hitchhiking and exploring. She was very taken by us, and wished we could meet her adolescent son to expose him to travelers. She invited us to stay the night at her home in the Columbia Gorge, offering to make us dinner and take us to… (read on in Trip)

02 October 2012
Grants Pass → Eugene 222km Hitchhiked by Wallpaper 2 1

A kind Russian man picked me up. He was quiet most of the way. When he dropped me off in Eugene he gave me a "Jesus Saves" pamphlet.

A trucker picked me up and he wouldn't stop staring at my chest.

27 September 2012
Redding → Grants Pass 287km Hitchhiked by Wallpaper 1 1
Alone single woman couchsurf

There was a wildfire on the I-5, and I thought I would be stuck in (super sketchy) Redding for the night. Liz picked me up just as the sun was setting! We ended up talking for hours on the backed up highway, and she invited me to stay with her and her partner. We all went to a concert together, they showed me their small organic farm, and I slept on a sweet porch bed outside…. (read on in Trip)

26 September 2012