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Sofia → Plovdiv 149km Hitchhiked by Gospodinbezkrai 2
Two people turkish TIR 1 made a detour for me 2

Турски тир, шаманист

17 October 2019
Bratislava → Budapest 182km Hitchhiked by Uncle_sam01 2

Hungarian Trucker

Didn't talk much due to the language barrier, took me to gas a station near Tatabanya. Enjoyed some fine Hungarian rock n'roll. Fairly short wait, so a great start to my trip!

Two Hungarians (who didn't know each other)

Asked the guy (driver) while getting gas in broken Hungarian and he replied in fluent English. Was happy to take me to Budapest. There was girl in the car and I'd assumed they were a couple. We talked in German and she worked in Austria as a pathologist. I was quite fascinated by that line of work so we had a really interesting conversation about her job, while the guy said… (read on in Trip)

18 August 2019
Odesa → Tiraspol 93km Hitchhiked by Uncle_sam01 2
Two people

Racer X, Ukrainian version

Drove fairly fast and furious on a wet road. Not the safest ride. Took us right to the border crossing.

Cool doctor

Really nice guy who saw us at the crossing and pulled over faster than I could extend my thumb. He was a doctor and told us about how no one in Transnistria actually pays taxes. Wanted to immigrate to the US, which I tried to persuade him not to do. Spoke somewhat decent English. Also told us that the local militsya has only recently been hiring women. Drove us exactly to our… (read on in Trip)

27 September 2019
Bender → Chisinau 63km Hitchhiked by Uncle_sam01 1
Two people veteran hitchhiker

Veteran hitchhiker

Really cool guy from Chisinau. Used to hitchhike himself a lot and spent virtually every summer with his wife in Turkey. Had a lot of really cool stories and told us a lot about Moldova. Also took us to a great wine shop and bought us 3 bottles! Drove us through the town to our exact destination. Great guy!

28 September 2019
Michalovce → Martin 264km Hitchhiked by Uncle_sam01 5

Guy in a Swiss car

Nice Slovak guy in a car with a Swiss license place. We had a really interesting conversation about his life in Switzerland. He was on his way back to Switzerland after dropping off his kids at the grandparents' in Eastern Slovakia. He was actually driving via Martin, but had to visit some friends in Presov, so dropped me off there. Neat guy.

Car delivery guy

Older retired guy, who delivered various cars for a car salon as a side job. Had an interesting conversation about his life – he'd worked most of it at a farm (kolkhoz). Drove me to Levoca.

Strange family

It was a somewhat shady family in a nice new Audi. There was an odd (somewhat gangstery looking) middle aged guy, a guy approximately my age and a little boy. I asked the driver (my age) for a lift expecting a straight "no", but the guy said yes without hesitating. It turned out they were returning back home (Zilina) from Eastern Slovakia, where they'd bought a puppy. Talked a… (read on in Trip)

05 October 2019
Slivnitsa → Dresden 1,404km Hitchhiked by Thaddel 2

longest ride ever. 1000 km with a serbian guy whos had a berlin license plate AND who is actually going to Berlin. Because I had to go towards Oelsnitz Vogtland I jumped off on the autobahn in the middle of the night and walked towards to petrol station/ rest area "Dresdner Tor Nord", slept 6h and after that hitchhiked the last 150 km towards home :)

17 September 2019
Mestia → Sarpi 282km Hitchhiked by Thaddel 3

meeting two germans

12 September 2019
Strachotín → Budapest 305km Hitchhiked by Thaddel 5
Three people

hitchhiking a car with 4 other people

21 August 2019
Bad Grönenbach → Horní Vltavice 366km Hitchhiked by Thaddel 8
Three people

Bad Grönenbach –> Memmingen

Memmingen –> Airport Munich

Munich Airport –> Munich Airport ( Aral petrol station)

Munich Airport ( agip petrol station) –> Hengersberg

Hengersberg rest area –> Passau

Passau –> central Passau

central Passau –> Freyung

Freyung –> Horni Vltavice

17 August 2019
Friedrichshafen → Bad Grönenbach 101km Hitchhiked by Thaddel 3

Friedrichshafen –> Lindau with a caravan

Lindau –> Memmingen

Memmingen – > Bad Grönenbach

16 August 2019
Oelsnitz → Friedrichshafen 534km Hitchhiked by Thaddel 6

Rest area Vogtland –> Bamberg

Bamberg –> Autohof Werneck

Autohof Werneck –> Riedener Hof West

Riedener Hof West –> Neukirch

Neukirch –> Tettnang

Tettnang –> Fischdorf

13 August 2019
Martin → Brno 229km Hitchhiked by Uncle_sam01 2

The Martin Guy

Slightly racist old school guy from Martin. Was going to Germany to work in construction. We had a fairly interesting conversation about life and my travels. He recently had a brain tumor removed. Last border crossing on my trip.

06 October 2019
Ruská → Palín 20km Hitchhiked by Uncle_sam01 3


Local guy who offered me a ride without me even hitching. Had a fairly thick accent and went out of his way to get me to a good spot. His mother was from my favorite village, ie. Szelmenc.

04 October 2019
Uzhhorod → Mali Selmentsi 15km Hitchhiked by Uncle_sam01 2

Slovak Radio!

Nice guy, his car had Slovak radio turned on!!! I really felt that I was home at that moment, even before I crossed border. Used to work in CZ and now lived in Chop with his wife.

Hungarian guy

Nice local Hungarian guy going to the border. Commended me on my pronunciation of "Jo napot kivanok".

04 October 2019
Kolomyya → Tyachiv 192km Hitchhiked by Uncle_sam01 11
Two people

Quiet guy going to the perfect location

After a fairly long wait (for Western Ukraine), we managed to hitch a guy going just to the fork we needed, passing a lot of low traffic and confusing places. Didn't talk at all.

Hitching on a bridge

As in all post-Soviet countries, hitching on a bridge (no matter how insignificant) is for some reason considered a terrible crime. This time, some women told us off a couple of time saying no one will pull over. Just as they gave up, someone pulled over :D Took us a good distance along the Ukrainian-Romanian border. Showed us some ridiculously large houses built by… (read on in Trip)

Opting for the marshrutka

As it was getting a bit late (we'd waited more then expected along this route), we decided to call it a day in Tyachiv (one of 4 county towns in this former Czechoslovak province btw) and opted for a marshrutka all the way to Uzhhorod.

01 October 2019
Chisinau → Kolomyya 398km Hitchhiked by Uncle_sam01 11
Two people

Coffee machine repair guy

Buys us coffee and we talk a bit.

Moldovan Officer

Nice lady who took us to the border at a fairly dead road. One of two female drivers on this entire trip.

Marshrutka takes us for free

Guy from Marshrutka yells at us to get in at the border. I explain we’re hitching, but he says no problem :)

30 September 2019
Kryvyi Rih → Odesa 287km Hitchhiked by Uncle_sam01 6

Terrible location

Guys in a delivery van who finally picked me up after a pretty the longest wait on this trip. I actually took a marshrutka to a different spot along the way to get to this on. Wait is cumulative for both spots.

Badass Trucker

Really tough trucker who used to be a soldier. Told me many stories, especially about he was a UN peacekeeper on the Israeli-Lebanon border. Drove via fields rather than roads again.

Sales Rep for Coke

Cool guy who worked for CocaCola. We talked a lot about our lives and traveling. He talked especially about how employment in Ukraine was extremely underpaid. Finally a proper shitty Ukrainian road experience, as we drove through the fields rather than on the pavement. Saw a guy destroy a small tree (and his hood) while trying to overtake an old driver.

Cargo shipping agent

Really neat guy from Odessa, who was returning home from some exam in Kherson. There was a lot of people trying to get a poputka (post soviet paid hh), but most took a marshrutka once it turned up. He used a lot of English words, but preferred to talk in Russian. Talked a lot about traveling and his newborn. Bought me coffee at a very futuristic Socar gas station.

25 September 2019
Dnipro → Kryvyi Rih 145km Hitchhiked by Uncle_sam01 3

Long wait, short ride

Another long wait getting out a city in Ukraine… The western I got, the longer the times… This guy picked me up because I reminded him of some friend, so he actually turned around.

Cop Blocker without a Plate

Guy in a ridiculously low suspension on his BMW, which had no license plate. Low suspension is cool, but not on Ukrainian roads. Had to stop multiple times to check if he hadn't destroyed his car. Worked in some MLM scheme, which he referred to as life insurance, however, he seemed to suggest that the way it worked was you'd pay in and then get a payout at the end with some… (read on in Trip)

24 September 2019
Kharkiv → Dnipro 226km Hitchhiked by Uncle_sam01 2


Finally in a somewhat reasonable spot and after a long wait, I hitch a van which is not obviously a marshrutka, once I approach it becomes obvious and I tell the driver that I'm hitching. He sighs and says "get in". Direct ride to Dnipro.

Donbass family

After a pretty long wait, I finally hitched a father with his little daughter, however, they were going in the wrong direction. I still asked for a short lift to what I though might me be a better spot. They were from Debalceve, which is right on the front line. Told me a lot of people from there resettled in Kharkov. It quite sobering to talk to someone who had lived in a war zone.

23 September 2019
Saratov → Voronezh 504km Hitchhiked by Uncle_sam01 3

The Caucasian

Nice Lezgin guy who was born in Azerbaijan. He seemed a little too nice, so I became a bit suspicious. He topped it with "Are you gay?" when I told him I had no girlfriend, so I thought "Ok, here we go" and said "No." He actually surprised me and said "Good, there's a lot of them in the West". I told him I thought it was the same everywhere, regardless of the place, but in… (read on in Trip)

The Almaty Russians

An ethnically Russian family moving to Voronezh, having taken advantage of Putin's resettlement program for ethnic Russians. They got a grant for which they bought an apartment and left their old life in Almaty behind. Had a very long conversation with the dad (I sat with him in their van with their dog, while his wife and son drove their second car) about everything, but… (read on in Trip)

18 September 2019