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Międzyrzec Podlaski → Biała Podlaska 30km Hitchhiked by Irena 1 1 1
17 September 2017
Drezno → Wrocław 268km Hitchhiked by Dadzios 3 1
Alone Adventure German deutsch

German practice

Waking up at 7 a clock, and going to hitchhiking spot by bike. Today I had enough power and strength to talk to the drivers in German. Very nice experience.

21 September 2017
Ejlat → Ein Gedi 235km Hitchhiked by Dadzios 2 1
Three people Israel dead see fast hitch

5 minutes

I met some friends at the airport and we decided to hitch to the dead see. It was so easy going from one place to another. After 5 minutes we were on the road to dead see or ein gedi.

29 January 2017
Kreis Berat → Dhërmi 139km Hitchhiked by Mariesophie 2 1
Two people
23 July 2017
Jackson → Burlington 242km Hitchhiked by Wallpaper 4 1
Alone single woman

White Mountains

Two female hikers dropped me off near their trailhead.

St. Johnsbury → Danville

This woman and her dog Frodo drove me into town. She stopped despite the "Do not stop for hitchhikers" signs that unfortunately dotted the highway.

White Mountains, NH → St. Johnsbury, VT

A man named Patrick turned around to pick me up. He even changed his route so he could leave me in an advantageous spot. A really nice guy, we talked about cycling cross country, living in Germany, and building community with others.

Danville → Burlington

After an hour + wait I was starting to feel discouraged and a rain storm was rolling in. Three women driving home from vacation in Maine came to my rescue! They were old friends. We drove through a killer storm and they dropped me exactly where I needed to be.

17 July 2017
Brême → Hanovre 135km Hitchhiked by Lois 2 1
Alone Germany Germany
24 April 2017
Lorient → Paris 501km Hitchhiked by Lois 4 1
Alone France France France France


This guy was great, he passed a first time without stopping knowing that he could not take anybody normally (business car) and finally made a detour to go back and pick me up


Daniel was used to hitchhike in his life.


Fabien has never hitchhike and never picked up hitchhikers before me. Why did he stop to pick me up this day?? He couldn't answer to this question himself :)

02 February 2017
Barcelona, Spain → Gibraltar 1,114km Hitchhiked by Vedran 17 1

Sant Feliu

Whole day searching for a good spot to leave Barcelona. After a wet and cold day, a semi truck agreed to take me but not towards my direction but a little bit up north. At first I sad no but after a few seconds I realised I had no place to sleep. ( I was at a gas station at time and it was around 9pm) so I went back to the guy and took the ride. He drowe me around 30km from… (read on in Trip)

05 October 2016
Spain → India unknown distance Hitchhiked by Dollytorres 2 1 More than three people India Spain


One fine day, a friend of mine asked if I want to go to Spain for a road trip, following the steps of this Indian movie she really loved:

In Zindagi na Milegi Dobara three friends go on a road trip around Spain, to fulfill a boyhood dream before one of them gets married. Fun movie. At the end one guy gets the courage, one gains knowledge, and one gets a heart. Sounds… (read on in Trip)

26 March 2017
Asheville → Roanoke 479km Hitchhiked by Wallpaper 5 1
Two people single woman

Asheville, North Carolina → Colonial Heights, Tennesse

A cool couple with a dog from Asheville stopped for us after a 40 minute wait. We chatted about politics and travel and they went out of their way to drop us in a good location. Wonderful people!

Colonial Heights, Tennessee → Wytheville, Virginia

A man named Ben picked us up. He was in Tennessee for his daughter's track meet, headed back to Ohio.

Wytheville, Virginia → Radstock, Virginia

A woman and her young son, we rode in the back of her red pickup. She said she'd pray to Jesus for our safety and wished us luck.

Radstock, Virginia → Highway near Roanoke, Virginia

Two Cuban men picked us up. They spoke only Spanish, and I spoke Italian with them… Somehow we understood each other!

Highway near Roanoke → Downtown Roanoke, Virginia

A super sweet woman with a dog picked us up before we even put out our thumbs. Drove us right where we needed to be.

04 March 2017
Woodstock → Asheville 320km Hitchhiked by Wallpaper 9 3
Two people single woman family single woman police encounter single woman

Holly Springs → Canton

Another woman drove us to the next town. Talked about fly fishing and owning her own land.

Canton → Jasper

A couple just going for a drive offered to drive us a ways. It was their 5 year old son's birthday.

Jasper → Blue Ridge

A German woman who lives in Blue Ridge picked us up.

Blue Ridge → Mineral Bluff

Two women from Tennessee picked us up. Their accents were very distinct! Referred to us as "you'ins" instead of "y'all." Warned us that there is a lot of drug addiction in the area.

Mineral Bluff → Culberton

Two older conservative women stopped for us. "Are you girls crazy???" They had never picked up hitchhikers before, but felt they had to stop for us.

Culberton → Murphy

Lee, originally from San Antonio, drove us to Murphy on his way to Walmart.

Murphy → Andrews

This man saw us before he went into Walmart and thought "I'll give them a ride if they're still out there when I'm done." We were still out there, so he offered to drive us to the next town over. Ex-army, married with 2 kids. Said he wished more people who claim Christianity actually followed Christ's teachings.

Andrews → Asheville

Brian was awesome! He lives in Asheville and offered us his couch, and gave us many recommendations for what to do in the city. We discussed veganism, feminism, racism, activism, and nonviolent communication.

Woodstock → Holly Springs

After standing at the on ramp for 30 minutes, 2 police showed up. The Concerned Citizens of Woodstock had reported 2 teenager girls were trying to hitchhike (we are 24 and 26 years old lol.) The police were cordial with us and wished us luck. After another 30 minutes, a woman named Kathy drove us a few exits up. She works as a cleaner, and said if she wasn't heading to work… (read on in Trip)

02 March 2017
Tallinn → Varşova 967km Hitchhiked by Batuhan 4 1
Two people
14 August 2016
Glenariff Forest, Ballymena BT44, UK → Ballymena 22km Hitchhiked by Atroksia 2 2
Two people Glenariff Belfast Ireland NI Northern Ireland Northern Ireland NI Ireland Coast Cargan Glenariff Ballymena

From Cargan to Ballymena

It took us some time to stop a car. A nice lady with two Aussies pulled over. She gave us a lift to the city centre of Ballymena. She was living in the outskirts of the city but dropped us not far from the train/ bus station which was really nice of her. They were very friendly and talkative lot.

Glenariff to Cargan

An elderly couple on their way to grocery store stopped and gave us a lift to Cargan. The traffic was really bad, some cars passed us from time to time.

28 November 2016
44 Causeway Rd, Bushmills BT57 8SU, UK → Cargan 58km Hitchhiked by Atroksia 1 1
Two people Northern Ireland NI Ireland Coast causeway coastal route

Causeway Coastal Route vol. 5.0

After nearly one hour of waiving we decided to take a bus to Ballycastle. We got out from it close to Cushendall Rd. and on our way along the road we visited Bonamargy Friary. As it got darker and darker, we got more desperate but outside Ballyvoy we finally got lucky. Our driver was a nice lady from Cushendun, who gave us a lift straight to the hostel. She was really helpful and friendly.

27 November 2016
Ballintoy → 48 Causeway Rd, Bushmills BT57 8SU, UK 9km Hitchhiked by Atroksia 1 1
Two people Ireland NI causeway coastal route

Causeway Coastal Route vol. 4.0

It took as nearly an hour to stop a car on this road. We walked a few miles from Carrick-a-Rede Bridge in the direction of Giant's Causeway without any luck. Finally, an elder man stopped and gave us a lift. He wasn't much of a talker but he was polite and took us straight to the visitor centre.

27 November 2016
Edmonton → Ballintoy 20km Hitchhiked by Atroksia 1 1
Two people Irish Irishman Ireland NI causeway coastal route

Causeway Coastal Route vol. 3.0

A very nice lady took us straight from the Dunluce Castle invited us for a tea in Ballintoy Harbour and gave us a lift to our hostel (she was from Bushmills, so she went out of her way to drop us there). We had really nice talk with our driver, saw one of the places GOT was shot and met 2 other students travelling with her. It was really amazing experience!

26 November 2016
9 Bushmills Rd, Portrush BT56 8JF, UK → White Rocks 2km Hitchhiked by Atroksia 1 1
Two people NI Ireland causeway coastal route

Causeway Coastal Route vol. 2.0

We got lift from outskirts of Portrush to Whiterocks (a short ride). We were heading to Giant's Causeway but decided to make a stop at Whiterocks Coastal Park. It was really hard to stop a car in that area. We mainly walked there. At least the views were nice. We got some tips about visiting Giant's Causeway from a family that gave us a lift. A nice but very short ride.

26 November 2016
Londonderry → Coleraine 49km Hitchhiked by Atroksia 1 1
Two people Irish Irishman Ireland NI causeway coastal route

Causeway Coastal Route

It took us really long time to stop a car on A2 road. We were dropped off outside of Derry on Caw Roundabout and from there we walked around one mile until someone finally pulled over. A lay-by or not there seemed to be no good place to stop a car. Our next driver turned out to be another Irishman, who relocated to the area. He was really nice and even made an extra effort… (read on in Trip)

26 November 2016
Belfast International Airport, Crumlin BT29 4JT, UK → Londonderry 92km Hitchhiked by Atroksia 1 1
Two people Irish Irishman Ireland airport BIA NI Belfast airport

From Belfast International Airport to the Coast

It took us awhile to stop any car near the airport. We started on the Antrim Rd. The traffic wasn't bad but maybe A26 would be a bit better. Initially we were planning to head to Antrim city and then through Ballymena to Coleraine. Our driver was heading to the Republic of Ireland (as far as I remember Co. Donegal), he offered to bring us there but we already booked our… (read on in Trip)

26 November 2016
Stornoway → Seilebost 73km Hitchhiked by Fra 1 1
Two people kindness amazing

One of the best rides ever.

It was the day of my birthday, 17th September and me and my friend were hitchhiking in the Isle of Lewis, Scotland after lunch when this couple picked us up. They were really kind and wanted to help us finding a good spot for our tent. It was going to rain pretty bad in the following hours so they were worried and brought us to their campsite (we were on a really strict… (read on in Trip)

17 September 2016