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Chandler → Catalina Foothills 149km Hitchhiked by Wallpaper 4 2
Two people single woman

Chandler → Coolidge

A kind Akimel O'odham family picked us up on the edge of the Gila River reservation. Mother, father, and one year old daughter. They went out of their way to drive us to a good spot.

Florence → Catalina

Interesting character feom Oracle picked us up in Florence and drove us to Catalina, out of his way. We discussed prison abolition.

Coolidge → Florence

A middle aged white man in a yellow jeep picked us up. He had hiked 700 miles of the PCT years prior and remembered what it was like to wait for rides.

Catalina → Tucson

A single woman picked us up and drove us into Tucson. She had never picked up anyone before, and had never encounteres female hitchhikers.

12 months ago
Dresden → Munich 459km Hitchhiked by Wallpaper 5 1 Alone

Dresden -> Dresdener Tor Rest Stop

A homeopathic doctor heading to Leipzig. Really nice!

Ingolstadt -> Munich

A family – a father with two adorable children who have developmental disabilities- picked me up on their way to visit Grandma.

Dresdener Tor Rest Stop -> Hermsdorfer Kreuz Rest Stop

A German man who lives and works in Thailand.

Hermsdorfer Kreuz Rest Stop -> Beyreuth

A small youth football team from Leipzig, comprised mainly or refugees. I sat next to an 18 year old kid from Afghanistan; we chatted about life in Germany, our experiences and frustrations with learning German, his family and experience as a refugee… a really interesting conversation, and a super positive experience.

Beyreuth -> Ingolstadt

A Latvian tour bus driver picked me up in his tour bus! Really fascinating guy. He was a hot balloon pilot in his youth, and now homesteads back in Latvia. We discussed permaculture, diy, the importance of top soil, etc. Great conversations!

11 February 2018
Payson → Phoenix 142km Hitchhiked by Wallpaper 2 1
Two people

Back of a pickup

Really nice guy drove us back home. We chatted about his job repairing/installing cell phone towers and our mutual love for nature.

29 December 2017
Mesa → Payson 122km Hitchhiked by Wallpaper 3 2 Two people

Frank, a member of the Apache tribe and a car mechanic, gave us a ride to the Fort McDowell gas station.

A couple driving a suburu plastered in Bernie Sanders stickers picked UA up and dropped us off on the Bush Highway.

Two men from Alpine who had delivered furniture they had made and were heading home. Turned around to pick us up. The older man had really fascinating stories to tell- of his hitchhiking days of glory, many past job experiences, and family life.

29 December 2017
Belgrado → Budapest 378km Hitchhiked by Paulina_pacholska 8 2
Two people

Busik śmiesznych robotnikow

pan co jechal na basen, sam tez byl kolarzem

prawnik co biegł w maratonie

serb co na granicy kupił nam fante i dal swoj numer telefonu

turek co mial polska dziewczynę i znal troche polski

węgier co podwiózł nas na przystanek w stronę miasta ale nie dało sie wsiąść do busa na gape a nie mieliśmy furintow na bilet

wegier co pracuje dla polskiej firmy…znal troche polski i zawiezli nas do samego centrum budapesztu

pan blondyn co mówił depresyjne rzeczy o polityce o biedzie i golnie o trudach rzycia

11 May 2017
Sarajevo → Belgrado 292km Hitchhiked by Paulina_pacholska 3 1
Two people

przedstawiciel handlowy..jego dziewczyna była na erasmusie w polsce…duzo sie pytal o ekonomię i sytuacje w polsce

Biedny dziadek co dostal mandat w gorach – piekna rzeka dinga

koles z vana co wiozl ser.

10 May 2017
Komlenac → Sarajevo 274km Hitchhiked by Paulina_pacholska 5 2
Two people

koles od skansenu co mieliśmy zobaczyć ale nie mogliśmy go znaleźć

Ochroniarz co zawiózł nas do projedor

Ratownik medycny..podobny do wuja piotrka…postawil nam kebaba

koleś wedarz co ciągle trąbił na fajne laski

Polak i stary niemiec..dużo rozmawial o filozofii, polityce, imigracji…zawieźli nas na piramidy obok sarajeva

05 December 2017
Donji Kraljevec → Komlenac 210km Hitchhiked by Paulina_pacholska 6 1
Two people

starsza para wegrow

Dwóch dziwnych chorwatow, jechali pod prad na stacje benzynowa,nie znali żadnego slowa po angielsku, w 4 siedzieliśmy na przodzie gdzie były 3 siedzenia

businesman co jechal dobrym autem na lotnisko i wysadzil nas na srodku autostrady

koles z ciastem z tylu, zawiózł nas kawalek byśmy na środku autostrady nie stali

chorwat w bmw. zawiozl nas do samej granicy…jechal szybko przez gory

Dziadek bosniak co sluchal remixu dnza kuduro vodka cola

08 May 2017
Bratislava → Donji Kraljevec 292km Hitchhiked by Paulina_pacholska 6 3
Two people

Bus do Gyor

Pan wegierka sama

Polak w białym busie. Pochodził z okolic wsi na ponetowie. Duzo gadal

dziwny koles

wegier z okularami

austriak – chciał uciec bo nie mowil po angielsku

05 December 2017
Wroclaw → Bratislava 524km Hitchhiked by Paulina_pacholska 11 2
Two people

Mloda para zawiozla nas do walbrzycha

Starszy pan co przeżywał, że kto to jezdzi na stopa…ze przeciez nikt nas nie weźmie :) a czekaliśmy 5min

Para z rosji co po drodze pila sobie whiskey

Starszy pan zawiózł nas do Jeleniej Gory

Dwoch kolesi vo gadalo o fotach na fb i za duzych butach

BMW – Dwoch kolesi. Zawiózł nas do granicy bo koles mial zakaz opuszczania kraju. Po drodze wysadził kolegę w szklarskiej bo by zwymiotował na zakrętach.

Starsza para co jechała na lotnisko do Pragi. Dali nam slodki rurki.

czech – Pan budowlaniec w busie co kupil nam lody (zmarzlina) i chcial nas nawe przenocowac

koles w wanie wygladajacy na geja, malomowny.

06 December 2017
Wrocław → Ootmarsum 815km Hitchhiked by Dadzios 13 1 Alone

It's a raining day

The first stop wasn't easy and I had to stay on the station about 2.5hours but I managed to. The next station In Legnica. The driver gives me two apples, which was great.


After few minutes polish driver took me from the gas station. It was almost 700km for me. Very good stop and ride. After some interesting conversation I received a few things from my driver. From food to book, which I am very happy about it.

Night hitch

It was almost 11 P.M but I had to be in the Netherlands tonight, so I had to force myself to get a ride. Actually it was easy because friendly woman took me 20km farther, than she was living. It was very good ride and inspiration talking.

30 November 2017
Medyka → Wrocław 704km Hitchhiked by Dadzios 9 1 Alone

Border between Ukraine and Poland

It was short ride but very nice. I talked with a guy about travelling, world and his daughter. After all I didn't wait a lot of time.

Friendly driver

After 30 minutes the guy has stopped and it was amazing ride. He gave me a lot of things. From juice, apples, cookes to invite to his city (Rzeszow) and long ride.

29 November 2017
Jassy → Kiszyniów 173km Hitchhiked by Dadzios 4 1
Alone Nice man

Short ride

I catch a ride within 5 minutes with nice man. First of all I couldnt communicate with him and we talked with 4 mixed languages. He put me on the border between romania and Moldova.

Kidnaping? Nah..

I was waiting for my car and the guy has stopped after 20 minutes. First I was thinking that he want to kidnap me but I've made a huge mistake. It was my first ride and the guy was very generous. He showed me the neighborhood, city and drove with me to the hitchhiking spot. Very good ride.

Ukrainian driver

Moldova is a good country for hitchhiking adventure. I never waited more than 25minutes even in winter. The Ukrainian guy has stopped after 15 minutes and he drove to Odessa, but I wanted to stay in Chisinau for one day. He has open heart and I had a lot of gifts from him. A lot apples, cookies and even eggs for next trip. I was very happy to ride with him.

27 November 2017
Mesa → Flagstaff 359km Hitchhiked by Wallpaper 3 3
Two people

Payson → Winslow

Got a ride in the back of a pickup between two mountain bikes. The scenery was stunning and the temperature outside was perfect.

Mesa → Payson

A kind bowling alley repair man picked us up; we chatted about his job, his hobby of collecting and repairing vintage cars, and the current state of affairs.

WInslow → Flagstaff

After a long wait, a local Native American couple told us to hop into the back of their truck. Perfect end to the day!

07 October 2017
Giethoorn → Jonen 18km Hitchhiked by Dadzios 1 1
Alone smile hitch boat europe Netherlands

Do you wanna hitch a boat?

In 2016 i was trying to reach Giethoorn ( one of the floating city) in Netherlands. In this small place I hitch the boat with German tourists. I was thinking: why should I pay for a boat if I can hitch one?

31 August 2016
Międzyrzec Podlaski → Biała Podlaska 30km Hitchhiked by Irena 1 1 1
17 September 2017
Drezno → Wrocław 268km Hitchhiked by Dadzios 3 1
Alone Adventure German deutsch

German practice

Waking up at 7 a clock, and going to hitchhiking spot by bike. Today I had enough power and strength to talk to the drivers in German. Very nice experience.

21 September 2017
Ejlat → Ein Gedi 235km Hitchhiked by Dadzios 2 1
Three people Israel dead see fast hitch

5 minutes

I met some friends at the airport and we decided to hitch to the dead see. It was so easy going from one place to another. After 5 minutes we were on the road to dead see or ein gedi.

29 January 2017
Kreis Berat → Dhërmi 139km Hitchhiked by Mariesophie 2 1
Two people
23 July 2017
Jackson → Burlington 242km Hitchhiked by Wallpaper 4 1
Alone single woman

White Mountains

Two female hikers dropped me off near their trailhead.

St. Johnsbury → Danville

This woman and her dog Frodo drove me into town. She stopped despite the "Do not stop for hitchhikers" signs that unfortunately dotted the highway.

White Mountains, NH → St. Johnsbury, VT

A man named Patrick turned around to pick me up. He even changed his route so he could leave me in an advantageous spot. A really nice guy, we talked about cycling cross country, living in Germany, and building community with others.

Danville → Burlington

After an hour + wait I was starting to feel discouraged and a rain storm was rolling in. Three women driving home from vacation in Maine came to my rescue! They were old friends. We drove through a killer storm and they dropped me exactly where I needed to be.

17 July 2017