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Teruel → Brno 2,332km Hitchhiked by Sitko 19

on that rest area we took quite a long break, also because we met a german hitchhiker named Leo on the same spot, so it took us some time till we told each other our stories and exchanged our worldviews a bit =). we took that time also for eating and at some point he went to sleep in forests behind the gas station, while we went to the entrance and started looking for a ride…. (read on in Trip)

no idea where we were hitchhiking. we were picked up by an ex hitchhiker in his old škoda felicia who was of mixed slovak-czech origin. he was ready to drop us inside the city of brno, however we didn't want him to make too much of a detour and so we just hopped off on some rest area before the city.

prior to even going to teruel i checked potential hitchhiking spots in the city and i found a repsol gas station on the main way out and already towards the edge, so i thought it might be a good idea to try our luck there. we did have lots of luck with amazingly friendly manager of the company, who even wanted to give me water for hitchhiking on the spanish summer sun, while… (read on in Trip)

so we made it there and put ourselves inside the traffic circle, with a nice shoulder, right on the entrance to the autovía, which we deemed the best possible thing to do in the given circumstance. people were waving this and that, the sun was burning, we were optimistic and hoping for the best. eventually we were so tired that we decided to go under the highway bridge and… (read on in Trip)

it was still pretty early when we started, less than 9 pm, however we had no luck whatsoever, which was for me a big shocker. i expected to make it to france, frankly, the same day, once we were on the mediterranean highway. the gas station worker, who was about to finish her shift, gave us some food before she left. we had conversations on how nice it was of us that we were… (read on in Trip)

we had the honor that Marcelo Cairo himself picked us up and we obviously had no idea who he was till he told us he was in the spanish national sailing team in the laser category. i have to say this chap is a very humble and nice person, doing his best in both sports and studying. glad to meet you, Marcelo =)

and we were again on porta de barcelona, hadn't been there since january this year. we started hitching and got picked up by a french couple who also met on the internet :P. he was a coldier in the french army and she a receptionist, which is what i do at the present moment =) they were about to pick up somebody on blablacar in la junquera, thus we stopped on area de servicio… (read on in Trip)

i didn't even see he wasn't either spanish or french, so i talked to him in french, for unknown reason. he actually knew good french, so when he started talking where he was going, we quickly found another way of communicating. unfortunately i don't remember the name of this swedish phenomenon anymore, but i remember well how much of a great guy he was =). with i believe 22… (read on in Trip)

we stopped on tavel sur, where we hoped we'd be able to continue, which wasn't the case, and we were dissappointed because it was still pretty early when we made it there. we took some nap and a shower, which we needed badly. i thought the woman gave it for free because it was dirty and only later on, talking to the portuguese trucker a few travels later i learned that… (read on in Trip)

while we thought we were fucked as we got dropped just before lyon, we actually were on the one and only highway towards north, which goes thru the center of the city, so no big deal. there was another hitchhiking girl, in a shadow with no vest, so i wonder how was hitchhiking for her, since at some point i lost her out of sight, that's we didn't see her when we were picked… (read on in Trip)

we took some break, i was very tired, and we moved from the gas station to the exit but people were still able to stop safely. we were about to go to metz and then to germany, however Carina offered us a ride to besançon and basically it was exactly where we were heading to, that's the shortest way to czech republic. i sat behind, agin, and the ladies were left on their own to… (read on in Trip)

we met some polish who were about to take us to the border with germany, however we were reluctant, since we knew what it looks like and actually being by besançon we were already close and thus it couldn't have been a long ride anyways, so we hoped we'd find somebody who'd bring us deeper inside germany. right when she was talking to those polish, i was approached by an… (read on in Trip)

we managed to cross, it was pretty easy, just some walking, so we ended up on a seemingly good spot (highway d1, km 5), and we hoped we'd now get a ride quickly. at the end of the day, our reasoning was, brno lied straight down and it was the second biggest city in the country. we were on the link between the two capitals, so to say, and there were no turns in between, so we… (read on in Trip)

i walked round a bit and i saw that a bus driver of an empty bus was just about to leave after he refilled, so i quickly asked "direction nürnberg, two people, please"?, he waved us to jump onboard and off we went :D. we didn't talk and he just dropped us before the city, but it was that we advanced from the place we thought we'd spend the night on, so we were more than happy… (read on in Trip)

as soon as we started we got a ride when one young guy approached us and said we could go with him. Aga fortunately sat, again, on the front seat, bc they soon found out that they both were polish, so they spent the time talking and i was resting calmly behind =). as we waited for nothing more than 5 minutes, we thought that soon we'd be in brno, haha, what a good joke that… (read on in Trip)

my first time hitchhiking in czech republic. it was nice to get a big coffee for fraction of the cost of that one in germany and the gas station workers were nice, so i thought it would be smooth. after all we had relatively short distance to do since the country is fairly small. so we got picked up by a smiling and very nice attitude man called Martin, who barely spoke… (read on in Trip)

we were so tired that we took a nap on the tables that were behind the gas station and only after two hours really started seeking rides. we were optimistic but when time was passing we were slowly losing hope, when one polish trucker offered us help. he was going to poland but knew of a gas station with bridge on the prague ring, so since we were desperate we said we could… (read on in Trip)

we were further picked up by Peter, who spoke great english and was a hitchhiker and did travel the world, so it was a great person to talk to. i have to admit tho that i was so tired that a few times i fell asleep and i only hope he failed to notice it, since it happened due to exhaustion only. i always feel sorry this is the case. we also learned by then that we should… (read on in Trip)

we thought that he was a gas station worker, so we asked basically for an advice on how to get inside. he offered us to take us there, then we only realized he was just a random person in a working suit, haha, so we finally were about to reach the so much wanted destination of ours. Nežka dealt that we'd be dropped in some mall. it was good because we had to buy czk anyways… (read on in Trip)

2 months ago
Brunswick → Leipzig 208km Hitchhiked by Proplea 1
15 days ago
Samarkand → Tashkent 307km Hitchhiked by Uncle_sam01 10
9 days ago
Bukhara → Samarkand 261km Hitchhiked by Uncle_sam01 3
11 days ago
Poznań → Alicante 2,619km Hitchhiked by Sitko 18
Two people

a nice romanian picked us up altho we didn't share any language in common =)

we were picked up by one young moldovan in a pretty dirty car, which raised police's suspicion on the way. we somehow made him understand it was actually us whom they were stopping and that he had to follow them. we expected trouble since we all had different passports, however they let us go, fortunately. then on the way he explained he was robbed by one blablacar passanger… (read on in Trip)

we started talking when Darek told me he was going to belguim, which meant over hannover, however when we found out he was polish, then Aga got in action. they were chatting for a while and he changed his mind, going over leipzig instead, so we finally caught the right direction. on the way he even "missed" an exit and went further, probably just so he could talk to her more :D.

that one was one of the top 10 anime plot twists. i see "fr" plates and just talk to the people "excuse me, do you speak english, are you going to freibourg"? he says yes but that they are coppers, so they can't take us, so i thank him and wish him good way. when he comes out of the gas station he invites us with them, haha, so we crossed half germany with them and we were… (read on in Trip)

that's where the story got complicated. they were only going to mulhouse, so off we went and ended up somewhere over the border in some place. we didn't quite understand each other because the guys barely spoke englihs, so we risked and it didn't end up well. it was good after all that we left highway for a while because we were able to buy some food, which later on came… (read on in Trip)

asking round in that place on the french side of the border one guy offered to take us to the highway and he dropped us right by the parking on the border, ie abandoned border checkpoint. there we quickly understood we would have trouble continuing because barely anybody was parked and it was about to get dark, so we started thumbing on the shoulder. the ride was useful but we… (read on in Trip)

here things got even funnier. one young guy was snowboarding in the alps and going home, and he said he'd make it to the first rest area, some 30 kms away. at some point he leaves the highway and says the rest area is like 3 km away :D :D so we walked there right on the highway shoulder, hoping we'd make it without any police hassle. and we made it =)

so we came walking to the rest area porte d'alsace and we were both destroyed, so we decided to rest a bit and eat. when we were about to walk to the entrance i heard some guy speaking portuguese, so we decided to stop and wait till he finishes. i started chatting to him, he was very surprised, but then he made his pal accept us, and off we went =) we were lucky that pippo,… (read on in Trip)

we already thought we'd get stuck but then two guys appeared and took us almost to lyon =)

things went wrong again. after some confusion we find out the guy was about to leave the highway, so in order not to have even more trouble we stopped on the exit and switched sides, in a bid to get on the highway quickly. which we did faster than we expected =)

a nice couple offered to take us to the rest area by the girona airport =)

at first they said no, i nicely wished them safe journey, and then plot twish when she waves me to come back and invites us in =) they took us all the way down to rest area of sagunto

we tried for as long as we could, but then after a while it was simply too cold and we were too tired to go on. it was a self service gas station with a toilet and some vending machines, nothing more, so we were lucky a bridge lead us to the other side, where we could spend the night in a warm place. the next day a super friendly flemish woman with her dogga picked us up and… (read on in Trip)

it took forever to advance to torrent, pretty much bypassing valencia. but eventually we made it with help of a lovely romanian named Bogdan =)

another plot twist. we were happily waiting on that big rest area after eating our breakfast, when we saw two cool-looking spanish guys, whom were slightly to fast for me to talk to them when they passed by. when they came out, i approached them and asked them if they were going to spain. they, on my big surprise, told me they were already thinking if montpeiller, which was on… (read on in Trip)

there were some guys selling some crap, so we only got a ride when they were gone and people weren't confusing us with them anymore, altho we clearly looked like travelers. anyways, we got a lift to porta de barcelona eventually =)

while waiting the previous night it was damp and thus pretty cold outside, we were simply too tired, so we decided to sleep in the hotel on the rest area. we were surprised the receptionist, an ex hitchhiker from lithuania, gave us a discount, so we got a room for a nice discount and the price was pretty accessible :). we started late because we badly needed that longer rest,… (read on in Trip)

as soon as we made it there i see one cool-looking guy, i ask him if he's going to alicante and if he'd take us and we're on the way :D. he was going to playa de san juan but took us to in front of our appartment block =)

8 months ago
Voklo → Poznań 1,206km Hitchhiked by Sitko 5

i managed to convince one italian trucker to pick me up =) =)

got picked up by a georgian couple living in paris. she was born in a military family in potsdam, lived in greece and knew also greek. very nice people <3

got picked up by a businessman who lived in a truck for 6 years so he could save enough to start a company (Y)

8 months ago
Munich → Linz 272km Hitchhiked by Farbenrausch 3
28 days ago
Bad Hersfeld → Munich 454km Hitchhiked by Farbenrausch 3
Two people
29 days ago
Ramme → Bad Hersfeld 778km Hitchhiked by Farbenrausch 6
Two people
30 days ago
Haderslev → Holstebro 206km Hitchhiked by Farbenrausch 1
Two people
about 1 month ago
Kalbach → Haderslev 627km Hitchhiked by Farbenrausch 5
Two people
about 1 month ago
Vienna → Kalbach 677km Hitchhiked by Farbenrausch 4
Two people
about 2 months ago
Hafnarfjordur → Reykjanesbær 35km Hitchhiked by Dadzios 2
12 days ago
Khiva → Bukhara 441km Hitchhiked by Uncle_sam01 5
13 days ago
Bonțida → Cluj-Napoca 27km Hitchhiked by Funkyparrot 1
Three people
19 days ago
Alba Iulia → Bonțida 124km Hitchhiked by Funkyparrot 3
Three people
19 days ago
Oradea → Alba Iulia 258km Hitchhiked by Funkyparrot 11
Three people
19 days ago
Vinné → Oradea 366km Hitchhiked by Funkyparrot 11
Three people
21 days ago
Sanok → Vinné 129km Hitchhiked by Funkyparrot 6
Three people
24 days ago
Kraków → Sanok 220km Hitchhiked by Funkyparrot 3
Three people
27 days ago