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Wageningen, Nederland → Benares, India 31 Jan 2020 send message

Hi fellow hitchhikers! I just returned from a one month hitchhiking round trip from the Netherlands to the Baltic states, which was amazing :) I am dreaming bigger now, with the idea to hitchhike all the way to India and perhaps beyond. The route is still open, either northwards, by crossing the Caspian sea (Azerbeidjan - Kazachstan) or more southwards via Iran, Turkmenistan --- up a little through Russia, then into Mongolia, China... and so on, to finally reach India. So in a nutshell: Slow travel, with my violin on the back to share my music (and perhaps earn some coins with busking), a camera to perhaps shoot footage for a documentary I am thinking of and a tent to sleep in the outdoors. I love to spend lots of time in nature on this journey, hanging (and helping) out in communities and places that are off the tourist track, and try to include various visits to ecovillages / alternative living projects along the way. Does this sound appealing to you? Are you a musician as well, and do you have "oceans of time" to dive into this adventure together? I am open to any gender, perhaps a bit around the same age as I have (28y), and would love to meet you first over Skype (and preferably also in person if time/space allows) to see if there's a connection :) Looking forward to hear from you! Much love from my home base in The Netherlands! Mali

D2e4509d8a8596b9374450b13058bba7 Mali
31 Jan 2020