The Hitchlog gives a real on hitchhiking
We try to paint it with and to give back to the who picked us up.

Hitchhiking is quite an interesting way of traveling.
The eventful journey, the encounter with many interesting and generous drivers and the experience of diversity in our society sets it apart from taking a train or driving by bus.
It is more than just a way of getting from A to B.

The Hitchlog gathers the stories and experience of hundreds of hitchhikers and puts them together with pictures, stories and data about the journey.
It creates statistics for one hitchhiker as in having a profile with all the gathered data, as well as statistics for all hitchhikers as in what is the overall gender of all hitchhikers. This will paint a real, authentic picture about what Hitchhiking is actually like.

A picture that is untouched of it's reputation spread by public media or movies. A picture which hopefully shows the world what a great way of travelling this is.



Tramprennen logo Since 2006 a growing group of hitchhikers are racing around Europe by hitchhiking. They are organized in teams and within two weeks the teams arrive step by step at a final destiniation.

Since 2008 Tramprennen supports the NGO VivaConAgua. VivaConAgua build clean water suplies in third world countries. Together with 96 Teams and 232 attendees, Tramprennen managed in 2011 to gather money worth building 6 remarkable water suplies around the equator.

Visit Trampprenenn.org to find out about the latest project where you could become part of as well.


Just like Wikipedia, Hitchwiki is a wiki but for hitchhiking. Hitchhikers from all around the world share tips and information all around hitchhiking. It helped many hitchhikers to find a good spot to leave the city and is really useful.


The Hitchlog would not be what it is today without the help of:

If you happen to speak a language other than english well and you would like to help translate the Hitchlog, please send Florian a message, he will set you up for the translation. It is pretty easy and whether you believe it or not, it is even fun!

Florian is developing and maintaining the site.


Open source

The Hitchlog lives off the community and without hitchhikers logging trips this application is worthless. Logging previous hitchhiking trips and telling some stories is already really helpful. You can also spread the word by telling your fellow hitchhiking friends about the site.

At the moment Florian is developing and maintaining this application. He is always on the lookout for other developers who would like to get involved. Also he gets very happy if someone shoots him a mail, telling him that he likes the idea of the Hitchlog.
The application is completely open-source and available on Github.

How To Contribute

There are many ways to contribute to Hitchlog.com:

If you would like to give some feedback, help or if you just want to say hello, please get in touch by sending Florian an email: