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  • Põlva → Tallinn
    11 months ago by Marax64
    The same driver who picked up my German friend ...

    Got picked up by a nice and friendly female driver who was also heading to Tallinn.

    Later on conversing with her it turned out she had also picked up a girl who I was a dorm… (read on in Trip)

  • Põlva → Tallinn
    11 months ago by Marax64

    Got picked up by a nice woman driver who said she was able to take me only to Tartu, but it was enough since it's the 2nd biggest city in Estonia. Also, every little always… (read on in Trip)

  • Koblenz → Erfurt
    5 months ago by Thaddel

    rest area Beselich – Mittelhausen ( Erfurt)

  • Jülich → Koblenz
    5 months ago by Thaddel

    A Tesla driver offered me a ride. I always wanted to ride in a Tesla Model 3 and so I accepted his offer. He drove me from the rest area Brohltal West to Koblenz. At the Shell… (read on in Trip)

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