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  • Orenburg → Aksay
    3 days ago by Uncle_sam01
    The guy from Aksay

    Took me all the way to the border, which I crossed on foot, and had worked in Aksay all his life. Knew a lot about companies who helped build it and told me a lot of information I… (read on in Trip)

  • Orenburg → Aksay
    3 days ago by Uncle_sam01

    Nice trucker in a kamaz who took me most of the way. His cabin was one of the messiest I've ever seen. Really liked Putin

  • Orenburg → Aksay
    3 days ago by Uncle_sam01

    Nice Russian guy in a former military minivan (gazik). Gave me lots of food and fried fish!

  • San José del Cabo → San Ignacio
    17 days ago by Babyspinach
    El fin

    A last hitch to stay somewhere with a roof over my head and recuperate, with a couple of american friends in the leopard-print van. They had a very long hitchhikers log!

    Me… (read on in Trip)

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