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  • Amsterdam → Naarden hitchhiked 13 days ago by Walmezak

    TESTA :P

  • Charleroi → Gent hitchhiked 19 days ago by Walmezak

    Very happy truck driver :)

  • Charleroi → Gent hitchhiked 19 days ago by Walmezak

    An lady who tooks us form Charleroi to Kortrijk.

  • Klebang → Malaca
    hitchhiked about 2 months ago by Rikana
    El del profesor que estaba en Melacca por "cursos"

    Antecedentes: Ana haciendo el chorra se hunde en la arena de la playa hasta casi la cintura, en una arena que estamos seguros no es arena porque huele (de verdad y mucho) a… (read on in Trip)

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3227c99372badad725cd8c3011f4d726 Sweetgum Contact
Departure 20 September 2018
From Sarajevo bosnia To Prague czechia

Looking to hitchhike through croatia, slovakia, austria and czechia. Up for exploring a bit, camping, going with whatever comes. Would like someone to go with! Thanks

30f8b20c831cdd7824c3dc4c9d8da9d9 Tristanrmz Contact
Departure 10 November 2018
From Italy To Iceland

Seriously interested in this trip. Hoping to find someone to plan this with?

6446bede4170d689261c58b016773fa9 Sebastiansparta237 Contact
Departure 17 February 2019
From Nagoya, Japan To Kagoshima, Japan

Who's down to hitchhike Japan in 2019??

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