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  • Prague → Dresden
    hitchhiked 3 months ago by Ayfung
    Last hitch for my euro trip

    going to miss the hitch life standing by the roads with my magic thumb out

  • Hunedoara → Belgrade
    hitchhiked 3 months ago by Ayfung
    So much kindness

    taxi driver who did time for having a joint drove me for free, italian speaking journeyman, guy gave me money, lost my shoe, fishing guy, cute girl who paid for my bus ticket

  • Sibiu → Cluj-Napoca
    hitchhiked 4 months ago by Ayfung
    Started the day hitching to a bad spot and rest...

    Started trip really bad by hitching to really bad spot, ended hitching back to the city and unable to find a ride for HOURS…. finally meeting a super cool commy engineer then a… (read on in Trip)

  • Brașov → Sibiu
    hitchhiked 4 months ago by Ayfung
    Driver got mad because he thought it was a paid...

    Had to run away after parking at the bank after driver asked for money

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