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  • Freiburg im Breisgau → Wolfach
    4 months ago by Puckman
    Random Hitch

    The goal was to say yes to any direction for at least two days. It brought me not far, discovering the small villages of the black forest.

  • Source-Seine → Besançon
    5 months ago by Puckman

    Emilien and Zoé were going home up north after a week in a forest with no electricity and running water. They were super happy to pick up their first hitchhiker.

  • Source-Seine → Besançon
    5 months ago by Puckman

    It was pourin rain. I had no gear for it. Was soaked. Rafael and Jocelyne came back a little bit after they passed me, and picked me up as they felt very empathic with me. We had… (read on in Trip)

  • Source-Seine → Besançon
    5 months ago by Puckman

    I got lost during a hike. After 10km walking under the rain, the first car I saw stopped. He brought me back to the beginning, and a bit further to put me in the right direction…. (read on in Trip)

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