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  • Grenoble → Lons-le-Saunier
    5 months ago by Puckman
    Ukrainian guy

    We did (try) to talk in Spanish. Was fun. He was coming from Valladolid, going to Stuttgart for work.

  • Châtel-en-Trièves → Grenoble
    5 months ago by Puckman
    Old women

    She did grew up in the area and was going to visit her daughter close to Grenoble. Her family doesnt want to climb by car to visit her because its dangerous, but they are okay she… (read on in Trip)

  • Châtel-en-Trièves → Grenoble
    5 months ago by Puckman
    English women

    Got picked up by a women I read about in a picture book about the area! Nice talking about UK!

  • Saint-Jean-d'Hérans → Roissard
    5 months ago by Puckman
    Crazy driving

    The women was going to pick up her niece, running late, driving crazy in downhill… Was short but stressfull.

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