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Vincennes, United States → Portland, United States 05 Jul 2019 Nachricht senden

I'm looking for a hitchhike buddy who is open minded and fun, who doesn't mind listening to horribly played guitar and singing and is willing to have fun on a road trip from small town Vincennes to a big place like Portland. I'm originally from Portland and would like to get back as cheaply as possible.

45a6c1b5c4c31e3a3ce7ea3076e81c30 Grndfthralex
05 Jul 2019
Toulouse, France → Lousada, Portugal 26 Jul 2019 Nachricht senden

Going to the Hitchfest (Hitchhiking Festival) from 29th of July to the 4th of August. I think starting HH a few days before. Someone would like to join?

47a7926d10178d4927f49285addedcf8 Lois
26 Jul 2019
Sligo, Irland → Bregenz, Österreich 29 Jul 2019 Nachricht senden

From end of July until end of September. Do you want to join me somewhere? Pls send a mail to

Cca8479aa9df24d49c2b645788210613 Agundur99
29 Jul 2019