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  • Plovdiv → Sofia
    26 Tage her getrampt von Gospodinbezkrai

    С проектанти от соца

  • Sofia → Plovdiv
    etwa ein Monat her getrampt von Gospodinbezkrai

    Турски тир, шаманист

  • Dargaz → Lotfābād
    3 Monate her getrampt von Uncle_sam01
    Ride to the Border

    Nice guy, wanted to learn English, so he pointed at various things and asked me how to say them in English. Drove me out of his way to the border crossing.

  • Bratislava → Budapest
    3 Monate her getrampt von Uncle_sam01
    Two Hungarians (who didn't know each other)

    Asked the guy (driver) while getting gas in broken Hungarian and he replied in fluent English. Was happy to take me to Budapest. There was girl in the car and I'd assumed they… (lese mehr in Trips)

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D2e4509d8a8596b9374450b13058bba7 Mali Kontakt
Abreise 31 January 2020
Von Wageningen, Nederland Nach Benares, India

Hi fellow hitchhikers! I just returned from a one month hitchhiking round trip from the Netherlands to the Baltic states, which was amazing :) I am dreaming bigger now, with the idea to hitchhike all the way to India and perhaps beyond. The route is still open, either northwards, by crossing the Caspian sea (Azerbeidjan – Kazachstan) or more southwards via Iran, Turkmenistan —– up a little thr…

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