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  • Evenes → Stokmarknes
    2 Monate her getrampt von Augustris

    They been hitchhiking in Mexico, friendly Polish couple gave us tips too.

  • Vaite → Besançon
    2 Monate her getrampt von Puckman
    Out of petrol

    Young dude watch the wrong thing. He was running out of petrol. The car ran out 500m of the station. Luckily, it was downhill to finish.

  • Andifli, 07580 Kaş/Antalya, Turkey → Kaş
    4 Monate her getrampt von Uncle_sam01
    Guy Thought I Had the Wrong Intentions

    Another motorcycle! Nice ride through the Kas peninsula to the town's center. At the end, I thanked the guy and asked for his name. As soon as he heard that he was like "Ooooh,… (lese mehr in Trips)

  • Esenköy → Kaş
    4 Monate her getrampt von Uncle_sam01
    Two Czechs

    Two Czechs, one of them from Brno! Arrived (and departed) on the same flight from Bratislava. They were looking for a house to buy. Cool dudes with lots of travel to weird… (lese mehr in Trips)

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