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Radavac → Dečani 24km Hitchhiked by Redfox 1 Two people

a short lift became a cultural tour

After a hike in the hills nearby, my partner and me decided to hitch a ride back to Peja. The first car stopped after about 15 minutes, 2 brothers.

One of them had lived in Belgium and was very happy to practice his french. He offered to take us to one the famous Monastery in Decani, which we gladly accepted.

He then brought us to a bar nearby so we can taste the local... (read on in Trip)

4 months ago
Heidelberg → Wien 824km Hitchhiked by Funkyparrot 5
Three people
about 1 month ago
Sofía → Estambul, Provincia de Estambul, Turquía 549km Hitchhiked by Alejandro 1
Alone turkey istanbul bulgaria sofia funny road friends hitchhike autostop

I was in Italy, my friend was in Serbia and arranged to meet up together at Sofia and travel by hitchhiking to Istanbul. It took us about 11 hours and several cars: a former UN helicopter pilot with an interesting experience and background, a countryside man who could speak spanish, 2 turkish truck drivers, a smuggler and a guy under the effects of drugs

11 days ago
Düsseldorf → Cologne 43km Hitchhiked by Fariah 1

I took the S-Bahn from Dusseldorf-Blik to Hilden, a small town outside of Dusseldorf. Then from the train station, I walked up to the hitch hiking spot - which is a petrol station. It took awhile to start hitching a ride as I decided (and purposely) take a rest at this picnic spot and I was trying to catch the attention of this Asian family to consider giving me a ride. Turns... (read on in Trip)

19 days ago
Jackson → Burlington 242km Hitchhiked by Wallpaper 4 1
Alone single woman

White Mountains

Two female hikers dropped me off near their trailhead.

St. Johnsbury → Danville

This woman and her dog Frodo drove me into town. She stopped despite the "Do not stop for hitchhikers" signs that unfortunately dotted the highway.

White Mountains, NH → St. Johnsbury, VT

A man named Patrick turned around to pick me up. He even changed his route so he could leave me in an advantageous spot. A really nice guy, we talked about cycling cross country, living in Germany, and building community with others.

Danville → Burlington

After an hour + wait I was starting to feel discouraged and a rain storm was rolling in. Three women driving home from vacation in Maine came to my rescue! They were old friends. We drove through a killer storm and they dropped me exactly where I needed to be.

7 days ago
Plymouth → Jackson 114km Hitchhiked by Wallpaper 2
Alone police encounter

Plymouth → Campton

A hard-of-hearing man in his 80's drove me 10 miles up the road. He dropped me off on the highway, where I waited until highway patrol came and told me to hitch from the on ramp.

Campton → White Mountains

A woman named Colleen and her seventeen year old daughter Elizabeth picked me up. They stopped at a restaurant and offered to buy me a vegan sandwich and convinced me I should come camping with them in the White Mountains. I was effectively adopted for the next 24 hours. We cooked over a campfire, played cards, and planned hikes for the next day. A really sweet family, they... (read on in Trip)

8 days ago
Czernica, Polska → Wrocław 22km Hitchhiked by Marcinlulek 1
8 days ago
Kuivastu → Tallinn 205km Hitchhiked by Puckman 3
Two people

Crazy Driver

When we got out of the ferry, the driver mostly drove on the left side all the way to pass all the cars. That was pretty dangerous. Then he left us on the highway (very bad spot), even if he said he was going to Tallinn.

about 2 months ago
Rohuküla → Tallinn 107km Hitchhiked by Puckman 1
3 months ago
Salacgrīva → Tallinn 205km Hitchhiked by Puckman 3
8 days ago
Pärnu → Salacgrīva 72km Hitchhiked by Puckman 1
11 days ago
Oulu → Saint-Brieuc 4,436km Hitchhiked by Labuche 39
11 months ago
Sunderland → Concord 149km Hitchhiked by Wallpaper 6
Alone single woman single woman

Sunderland →Route 10

Ally was the first car to pass by and she stopped right away. Said she couldn't leave me in the rain.

Route 10 →Northfield

Nancy was driving in the opposite direction, turned around and changed her plans to help me on my way. She walked the coastline of Wales a few years prior and remembered what it was like to be in the rain.

Northfield, MA →Keene, NH

A man named Jeff picked me up. He was very kind. An evangelical Christian who disagrees with the mainstream Christian narratives, and tries to model his life after the more radical teachings of Jesus.

Keene →Henniker

A young guy named Lee picked me up. He attends grad school at UC Irvine and was in the area to visit his parents. We discussed our mutual dislike of Orange County, the best weekend trips in the Southwest, and our experiences travelling the country. He altered his route a bit to put me in a good spot.

Henniker → Concord

John Hare drove me to Concord. A retired college librarian, he was excited to share the local history of the area.

10 days ago
Benedict Pond, Massachusetts, USA → Pittsfield 31km Hitchhiked by Wallpaper 3
Two people

A kind man who emigrated from Columbia took us to Great Barrington.

A woman who made an agreement with her husband to only pick up female hitchhikers gave us a ride through town.

A woman driving to pick up her daughter from summer camp. We talked about Steiner education and the local area.

13 days ago
Pittsfield → Great Barrington 33km Hitchhiked by Wallpaper 2
Two people

Two lovely women who own a Thai restaurant in Great Barrington picked us up. We were their first hitchhikers!

A local man travelling with his dogs picked us up and dropped us at our trailhead.

14 days ago
Albany → Pittsfield 63km Hitchhiked by Wallpaper 3
15 days ago
Syracuse → Utica 88km Hitchhiked by Wallpaper 3
17 days ago
Dalton → Northampton 55km Hitchhiked by Wallpaper 3
Alone single woman

A woman named Lisa was eating a meal at a local co-op and saw me hitchhiking outside. She came up to me and offered to drive me to my destination. Turns out she hitched solo all over the country during the 60's and 70's. We had some beautiful conversations about finding community, holistic medicine, and being present.

12 days ago
Dieren → Arnhem 23km Hitchhiked by Ekrisie 1
Two people
9 months ago
Berlijn → Hengelo 508km Hitchhiked by Ekrisie 4
Three people
3 months ago
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