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  • Biel/Bienne → St-Imier
    hitchhiked 6 days ago by Yooks
    Sometimes it's fun to be lost

    When we got to Les Breuleux we had no idea how to reach the address we were given by our friend on Mont Soleil. The sun was almost gone and we had to hurry, so we asked the first... (read on in Trip)

  • Biel/Bienne → St-Imier
    hitchhiked 6 days ago by Yooks

    It was a short ride from Tramelan to Les Breuleux. The driver was a married man who has a child. We picked up on this info from what we saw in the car. Like the last person he... (read on in Trip)

  • Biel/Bienne → St-Imier
    hitchhiked 6 days ago by Yooks

    An old man who spoke almost nothing of English took us from Tavannes to Tramelan. He was not the social type and mostly just smiled. When we arrived at Tramelan he even helped us... (read on in Trip)

  • Biel/Bienne → St-Imier
    hitchhiked 6 days ago by Yooks

    After asking a while in front of the McDonald's, we asked a woman with a French accent who decided to take us to Tavannes. Even though she was alone with her child she did not... (read on in Trip)

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