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  • Cottbus → Udon Thani hitchhiked 2 months ago by Indogerm
    wated one day for one ride

    Car broke down when the driver tried to steal gasoline. (Met him after that, when he waiting for someone to come and pay for him) Think the car was also stolen. Broke down again.... (read on in Trip)

  • Voronezh → Storozhevoye 1-e
    hitchhiked 19 days ago by Traveladdicted

    Was going with 3 guys on a "buchanka" (don't know how to describe this car in another way lol), they were incredibly funny.

  • Wrocław → Smolec
    hitchhiked 15 days ago by Dadzios
    Short but good ride

    Woman took us from hitchhiking spot just after few minutes. In her car there was a loud rap music. Woman didn't talk to us, but it was fun.

  • Ma'ale Adumim → Ein Bokek hitchhiked 23 days ago by Yeeming
    Dead sea

    beginning, I just wanted to go Biankini where is northern of Dead sea. I hitched the car, the driver works in Ein Bokek. so just follow his car to Ein Bokek. It is very beautiful on the way.

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