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  • Bratislava → Warsaw
    hitchhiked 7 days ago by Uncle_sam01
    College Students

    Three college students on their way to Warsaw. Wasn't clear why they were driving in a van with a Krakow license plate (they all studied in Warsaw). Didn't talk much.

  • Bratislava → Warsaw
    hitchhiked 7 days ago by Uncle_sam01
    Insane Guy From Gdansk

    Don't know what it is about people from Gdansk, but they all seem to be insanely kind and open. This guy was in a Mercedes mom-van with Austrian license plates. Drifted off the... (read on in Trip)

  • Bratislava → Warsaw
    hitchhiked 7 days ago by Uncle_sam01
    Polish Trucker

    Super kind Polish trucker. Initially agreed to take me to the Polish gas station right after the border, but eventually took me all the way to Siewierz (which is the direct road... (read on in Trip)

  • Bratislava → Warsaw
    hitchhiked 7 days ago by Uncle_sam01
    Warsaw Girl now living in Prague

    After unsuccessfully asking truckers (most were still sleeping), I went for the gas station parking lot and pretty much the second car I asked said yes. It was a woman from... (read on in Trip)

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Picture?type=normal Rasmus Contact
Departure 01 July 2017
From Europe To Canada, USA, Australia, NZ

So, im starting to save up for my RTW trip in 2017. Im planning on hitchhiking through Europe, catch a plane to Canada hitchhike through the states,and then travel as a backpacker through Southamerica before flying to Australia and NZ to hitchhike my way around there. I want to hitchhike in europe, northamerica, Australia and NZ and travel as a regular backpacker in the other countries. Would b...

Departure 01 July 2017
From Barcelona, Espanya To Friburg, Alemanya

I'm going to Freiburg on early July and I'm looking for a travel buddy! I've hitchhiked a couple times, but I'd rather share the experience with someone!

99087283cabe7219a874c2a4b9736800 Liska Contact
Departure 29 July 2017
From Ljubljana, Slovenia To Belgrade, Serbia

I plan to explore the Balkans a bit more, so actually I would like to go to Sarajevo and then afterwars to Belgrade. Who is up for that? :)

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