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  • Guede Chantiers, Senegal → Dakar
    hitchhiked over 1 year ago by Matthew
    Guede to Dakar

    Was traveling with a friend, we had a few trucks and cars and then an off duty police officer took us in his truck almost all the way from Richard toll to Dakar, very lucky day.

  • Dakar → Guédé
    hitchhiked over 1 year ago by Matthew
    Dakar to Guede chantier

    Easy to hitchhike to st Louis but a lot harder to get into the desert.

  • Ayer Tawar → Kuala Lumpur
    hitchhiked 11 months ago by Durianandcamelsocks

    friendly Indian guy - drops me where I wanna go ...MY FINAL DESTINATION after 1.5 years traveling, THE PETRONAS TOWERS IN KL!!! yeaaah...

  • Ayer Tawar → Kuala Lumpur
    hitchhiked 11 months ago by Durianandcamelsocks

    local pig farm lady, very friendly, interesting talks ...she gets the pigs all the way from Europe! (Denmark if I recall correctly?)

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Departure 15 March 2016
From Zambia To Namibia

Hello! I am embarking on the biggest adventure of my life! Im hitchhiking solo from Zambia through Tanzania, Malawi, Swaziland, South Africa, Namibia and back to Zambia. The trip will take about 5 months. I don't mind doing it solo at all but finding a hitch buddy would be mighty fine!

Picture?type=normal John Contact
Departure 01 June 2016
From North Carolina, United States To Los Angeles, United States

Hello everyone, wanted to know if anyone would want to hitch/ train hop from east to west coast america. im planning on bringing a hd camcorder to record the adventure and put it up on youtube. if you want to see how i look, go to youtube and type: swedenstockholm7
Girls or Guys welcome total of people, 3 or 4

Picture?type=normal Dominika Contact
Departure 29 June 2016
From England, United Kingdom To Poland

I am planning to hitch hike across Europe. I aim to catch a cheap flight to Amsterdam. From there I would like to hitch hike to Belgium, through Belgium to Germany and finally Poland for Woodstock festival.

Looking for a hitch hiking buddy! <3

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