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  • Pemberton → Denmark
    hitchhiked 8 days ago by Fjfx

    Quite hard in quinninup, good place for camping and lots of shade, goodhitchhiking spot but not so much traffic, fast cars and lots of cars turning.

    Id recommend to go back to ... (read on in Trip)

  • Sun Peaks → North Vancouver
    hitchhiked about 2 months ago by Raceytea90
    Riding Shotgun with a Viking

    This was the weirdest conversation I've ever had with somebody. Period. I'm almost certain the guy had some mental health issues, he was a lovely guy and when I realised he was... (read on in Trip)

  • Sun Peaks → North Vancouver
    hitchhiked about 2 months ago by Raceytea90
    Sun Peaks to Kamloops

    Really good ride with some UBC students. Gladly skipped an offer from an angry local, who punched his dog in the rear seat after we finished talking. The students came around a... (read on in Trip)

  • Revelstoke → Sun Peaks
    hitchhiked 2 months ago by Raceytea90

    Really sketchy ride. Guys gave me fake names, a really unconvincing story of why they picked me up, and why they were going to Sun Peaks: "We were just driving the other way, out... (read on in Trip)

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Departure 11 March 2017
From Austin, United States To Los Angeles, United States

I'm hitchhiking across the US. I started in Miami and heading to the West Coast. Currently I'm in Texas. Hit me up if you wanna join, kind of open ended and flexible

E4708d200cc34d3cbcfec8210707195d Steffid Contact
Departure 27 May 2017
From Madison, United States To West Coast

I'm planning on hitching from the Madison, WI area in the general direction of the west coast. I'm not picky on where, I'm just up for some adventure, and think it'd be awesome to have company!

Picture?type=normal Lucasadri Contact
Departure 01 June 2017
From Boston, United States To Los Angeles, United States

I'm planning on walking/hitchhiking to Cali, I don't have a timeframe, I just want some good adventure, and I think a partner would be dope. Anyone interested?

Picture?type=normal Rasmus Contact
Departure 01 July 2017
From Europe To Canada, USA, Australia, NZ

So, im starting to save up for my RTW trip in 2017. Im planning on hitchhiking through Europe, catch a plane to Canada hitchhike through the states,and then travel as a backpacker through Southamerica before flying to Australia and NZ to hitchhike my way around there. I want to hitchhike in europe, northamerica, Australia and NZ and travel as a regular backpacker in the other countries. Would b...

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