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  • Arad → Bukareszt hitchhiked 7 days ago by Dadzios
    The driver was not nice

    I catch a truck within a 30 minutes. It was a nice ride, untill the guy ask me for money. He was friendly but I didn't had a lot of money. I was hurry, that's why I gave him... (read on in Trip)

  • Bratysława → Okręg Arad, Rumunia
    hitchhiked 8 days ago by Dadzios
    Nice but strange guy

    I was standing on the Station and after 40 minutes the guy has stopped. He was a little bit stress, and not nice. WE were talking about some things but unfortunately it was not in my vibe.

  • Zdziar → Bratysława
    hitchhiked 9 days ago by Dadzios
    Good family

    I was standing at the bus station and after couple of minutes the car was stopped. In the car there was a nice family and they took me to the next location 20km farther.

  • Postojna → Nova Gorica
    hitchhiked 8 days ago by Sitko

    once again we got a lift because the driver stopped to buy some sweets :D

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Picture?type=normal Giorgos Contact
Departure 27 November 2017
From Frankfurt To Amsterdam


I want to visit Luxembourg on my way up and I'm going through France, visiting Metz and then heading North. I want to be in Amsterdam at 1st of December!

Picture?type=normal Caterina Contact
Departure 20 February 2018
From Buenos Aires To Santiago de Chile

Hi guys! I'm planning to go through latin america and, where possible, hithhiking! I hitchhiked a lot, but mostly in Europe. I love the mindset it gives and the deep contact with places and people! I'm looking for a chilled buddy to join me, so don't hesitate to contact me!! :)

Departure 17 February 2019
From Nagoya, Japan To Kagoshima, Japan

Who's down to hitchhike Japan in 2019??

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