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Bd161d30c0f7ab82b65c327255190669 Lucasgalli Contact
Departure 11 June 2018
From Vittorio Veneto To Liguria (any city)

I'm a Brazilian photographer, going to Italy for 10 days and would like to have a hitchhiking experience there. I already know the country and I speak Italian, Spanish and English fluently (a bit of French also). The dates are not very strict (+ or – 1 day).

43b3428a1e3eb8b18058e388da45c324 Qwopboi Contact
Departure 20 June 2018
From Tristate area To Los angeles california

Hey not taking this too seriously since im looking for a hitchhiking buddy irl but just tossing this out there. Sometime in june maybe july i want to hitchhike from the tristate area to los angeles and i imagine things will go smoothly if i go with someone so we can take turns watching each others backs. So yeah hmu if your down i guess?

1daff1563c50918e0423aa611adf6c80 Sziky Contact
Departure 30 June 2018
From Montpellier To Barcelona and then along the northern coast of Spain

Hey, I'd like to hitchhike from France to Barcelona and then along the shore in the North of Spain, travaling flexible to whatever we want to see. It would be cool if somebody joined me so if you are interested just send a message!

Departure 01 July 2018
From Europe To Asia

I want to hitch the Pamir and Karakorum Highway. Passing through China probably. I am looking for someone to join me. Write me a message, the date is not fixed, could be 2019 too. Maybe do some mountaineering there and on the way towards there.

Departure 17 February 2019
From Nagoya, Japan To Kagoshima, Japan

Who's down to hitchhike Japan in 2019??

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