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  • Bratislava → Dresden
    hitchhiked 8 days ago by Missy
    germans again

    We asked the first car we saw at the Petrol Station and got really lucky for thex were driving directly to Dresden were we wanted to go. They never took Hitchhikers before, so we... (read on in Trip)

  • Bratislava → Dresden
    hitchhiked 8 days ago by Missy
    how to draw a petrol station sign

    It was a real mess to get to the Petrol Station you can hitch from in North direction from Bratislava, because the public Transport is reeeaaally confusing and the text on... (read on in Trip)

  • Budapest → Bratislava
    hitchhiked 9 days ago by Missy
    too many hitchhikers

    There is a cool Festival on an Island in the middle of Budapest, the Sziget. I intend to go there somewhen, but this time we just were accidently at the same time in the city, and... (read on in Trip)

  • Brezno → Budapest
    hitchhiked 12 days ago by Missy

    Don´t ever try to get a ride at a sunday at the hungarian/Slowakian border. It´s not a bad place, it´s just that NO ONE is there. Like literally, in half an hour there were 4 cars... (read on in Trip)

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Departure 01 June 2017
From Boston, United States To Los Angeles, United States

I'm planning on walking/hitchhiking to Cali, I don't have a timeframe, I just want some good adventure, and I think a partner would be dope. Anyone interested?

Picture?type=normal Rasmus Contact
Departure 01 July 2017
From Europe To Canada, USA, Australia, NZ

So, im starting to save up for my RTW trip in 2017. Im planning on hitchhiking through Europe, catch a plane to Canada hitchhike through the states,and then travel as a backpacker through Southamerica before flying to Australia and NZ to hitchhike my way around there. I want to hitchhike in europe, northamerica, Australia and NZ and travel as a regular backpacker in the other countries. Would b...

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