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  • Earltown → Tatamagouche
    hitchhiked 6 months ago by Lilblakhart

    I had walked thirty km not hitchhiking, when I got to a service station to fill up my canteen a man had seen me walking before offered to take me the rest of the way

  • Kromberk → Slovenija
    hitchhiked about 20 hours ago by Sitkositko

    i almost gave up and then a student gave me lift. i was his first hitchhiker and for the first time in my life i was driving in bmw

  • malmö → copenhagen
    hitchhiked 25 days ago by Hitchhooker
    hitch over the bridge

    Walked 5 kilometers to good hitching spot to intersection next to highway over the bridge and got a ride after 3 cars passing. 2 swedish businessman gave a ride even used reverse... (read on in Trip)

  • turku → stockholm
    hitchhiked about 1 month ago by Hitchhooker
    when the snow hits the ground, I dont stay babe

    Woke up friday morning, went out to realize there is a shitloads of snow and Im not having any clothes for winter. Had to change wheels of my mother cars to get buy some emergency... (read on in Trip)

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