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  • Cracovie → Opole
    hitchhiked 1 day ago by Puckman
    No Time to wait

    First ride : The guy saw me crossing the road with my sign, honked and told me to meet him a bit further the light. Easy

  • Payson → Phoenix
    hitchhiked 18 days ago by Wallpaper

    Really nice guy drove us back home. We chatted about his job repairing/installing cell phone towers and our mutual love for nature.

  • Payson → Phoenix
    hitchhiked 18 days ago by Wallpaper

    Back of a pickup

  • Mesa → Payson hitchhiked 19 days ago by Wallpaper

    Two men from Alpine who had delivered furniture they had made and were heading home. Turned around to pick us up. The older man had really fascinating stories to tell- of his... (read on in Trip)

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Picture?type=normal Caterina Contact
Departure 20 February 2018
From Buenos Aires To Santiago de Chile

Hi guys! I'm planning to go through latin america and, where possible, hithhiking! I hitchhiked a lot, but mostly in Europe. I love the mindset it gives and the deep contact with places and people! I'm looking for a chilled buddy to join me, so don't hesitate to contact me!! :)

Departure 17 February 2019
From Nagoya, Japan To Kagoshima, Japan

Who's down to hitchhike Japan in 2019??

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