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  • Tours → Lorient
    hitchhiked about 1 month ago by Anouk

    un jeune couple avec un petit garçon qui partent en vacance, très sympatique !

  • Tours → Lorient
    hitchhiked about 1 month ago by Anouk
    une voiture de covoiturage

    Une voiture de covoiturage dans laquelle il rester une place et elles m'ont prises en stop !!!

  • Tours → Corcelles-les-Arts
    hitchhiked about 2 months ago by Anouk
    Un Allemand décroissant

    Avant la bifurcation pour Beaune c'est toujours très compliquer de trouver LA voiture qui prend la bifurcation ! Mais nous avons eu le temps de manger, discuter avec des stoppeur... (read on in Trip)

  • Ontario → Morgan Lake, Oregon 97850, USA
    hitchhiked 12 days ago by Wallpaper
    La Grande → Morgan Lake

    An amazing woman named B picked us up! She drove out of her way to take us to our camp spot because she "couldn't pass by other women." She is a retired trucker and president of... (read on in Trip)

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E4708d200cc34d3cbcfec8210707195d Steffid Contact
Departure 27 May 2017
From Madison, United States To West Coast

I'm planning on hitching from the Madison, WI area in the general direction of the west coast. I'm not picky on where, I'm just up for some adventure, and think it'd be awesome to have company!

Picture?type=normal Lucasadri Contact
Departure 01 June 2017
From Boston, United States To Los Angeles, United States

I'm planning on walking/hitchhiking to Cali, I don't have a timeframe, I just want some good adventure, and I think a partner would be dope. Anyone interested?

Picture?type=normal Rasmus Contact
Departure 01 July 2017
From Europe To Canada, USA, Australia, NZ

So, im starting to save up for my RTW trip in 2017. Im planning on hitchhiking through Europe, catch a plane to Canada hitchhike through the states,and then travel as a backpacker through Southamerica before flying to Australia and NZ to hitchhike my way around there. I want to hitchhike in europe, northamerica, Australia and NZ and travel as a regular backpacker in the other countries. Would b...

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