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  • Lyon, France → Strasbourg
    hitchhiked 1 month ago by Cistac
    conspiracy theory ride

    We were hitch-hicking after the toll and picked up really quick in lyon to go to strasbourg by a german guy very nice but really into conspiracy theory ! It was really nice to... (read on in Trip)

  • Munich → Ljubljana
    hitchhiked 10 days ago by Sitko

    i came to the gas station by jesenice, the first city in slovenia. i soon found a bosnian trucker going down towards ljubljana. he agreed to take me to the outskirts and then i... (read on in Trip)

  • Munich → Ljubljana
    hitchhiked 10 days ago by Sitko

    slovenians going back almost to ljubljana. that was ok but i needed somebody taking me into the city. it was a big deal because it was already pretty late.

  • Munich → Ljubljana
    hitchhiked 10 days ago by Sitko
    huge mistake :/

    i was soo happy met a slovenian going to ljubljana, precisely where i was going to. however, it was snowing heavily and he had tyres for warm season. thus didn't want to risk and... (read on in Trip)

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Picture?type=normal Fernando Contact
Departure 15 May 2016
From Vancouver, Canada To Los Angeles, United States

Hello guys, I planning a hitchhiking trip though the US west coast. If someone is interested in joining me, contact me on couchsurfing.com/people/fernandowittmann or here. Best!

Picture?type=normal John Contact
Departure 01 June 2016
From North Carolina, United States To Los Angeles, United States

Hello everyone, wanted to know if anyone would want to hitch/ train hop from east to west coast america. im planning on bringing a hd camcorder to record the adventure and put it up on youtube. if you want to see how i look, go to youtube and type: swedenstockholm7
Girls or Guys welcome total of people, 3 or 4

Picture?type=normal Dominika Contact
Departure 29 June 2016
From England, United Kingdom To Poland

I am planning to hitch hike across Europe. I aim to catch a cheap flight to Amsterdam. From there I would like to hitch hike to Belgium, through Belgium to Germany and finally Poland for Woodstock festival.

Looking for a hitch hiking buddy! <3

Picture?type=normal Rasmus Contact
Departure 01 July 2017
From Europe To Canada, USA, Australia, NZ

So, im starting to save up for my RTW trip in 2017. Im planning on hitchhiking through Europe, catch a plane to Canada hitchhike through the states,and then travel as a backpacker through Southamerica before flying to Australia and NZ to hitchhike my way around there. I want to hitchhike in europe, northamerica, Australia and NZ and travel as a regular backpacker in the other countries. Would b...

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