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  • Copenhagen → Kolding hitchhiked about 2 months ago by Maddythewanderer

    A former alcoholic / junkie turned into a religious nut... ''So what do you think about Jesus?''

  • Giethoorn → Jonen
    hitchhiked about 1 year ago by Dadzios
    Do you wanna hitch a boat?

    In 2016 i was trying to reach Giethoorn ( one of the floating city) in Netherlands. In this small place I hitch the boat with German tourists. I was thinking: why should I pay... (read on in Trip)

  • Kopenhaga → Kostrzyn nad Odrą
    hitchhiked 2 months ago by Dadzios
    Short stay

    I love Danish people. They are so friendly, and trying to help you as much as they can. The woman took me to the next gas station and that was a good option.

  • Drezno → Wrocław
    hitchhiked 3 days ago by Dadzios
    German practice

    Waking up at 7 a clock, and going to hitchhiking spot by bike. Today I had enough power and strength to talk to the drivers in German. Very nice experience.

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6446bede4170d689261c58b016773fa9 Sebastiansparta237 Contact
Departure 17 February 2019
From Nagoya, Japan To Kagoshima, Japan

Who's down to hitchhike Japan in 2019??

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