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  • Radavac → Dečani 4 Monate her getrampt von Redfox
    a short lift became a cultural tour

    After a hike in the hills nearby, my partner and me decided to hitch a ride back to Peja. The first car stopped after about 15 minutes, 2 brothers.

    One of them had lived in... (lese mehr in Trips)

  • Sofía → Estambul, Provincia de Estambul, Turquía
    11 Tage her getrampt von Alejandro

    I was in Italy, my friend was in Serbia and arranged to meet up together at Sofia and travel by hitchhiking to Istanbul. It took us about 11 hours and several cars: a former... (lese mehr in Trips)

  • Düsseldorf → Cologne
    19 Tage her getrampt von Fariah

    I took the S-Bahn from Dusseldorf-Blik to Hilden, a small town outside of Dusseldorf. Then from the train station, I walked up to the hitch hiking spot - which is a petrol... (lese mehr in Trips)

  • Jackson → Burlington
    7 Tage her getrampt von Wallpaper
    Danville → Burlington

    After an hour + wait I was starting to feel discouraged and a rain storm was rolling in. Three women driving home from vacation in Maine came to my rescue! They were old... (lese mehr in Trips)

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Finde einen hitchhiking buddy

Abreise 25 July 2017
Von The Netherlands Nach Croatia

25 Year old bloke wants to hitch hike through Europe as cheap as possible with a friendly hitch hike buddy. With hopefully some hitch hiking experience but this is not necessary. Fluent in English

722d649617f16dcb572b99a6384cbd42 Kaja Kontakt
Abreise 27 July 2017
Von Zagreb, Croatia Nach Pula, Croatia


After a long time, I'm on the road again. Looking for someone to share the experience of hitchhiking.

I'm going to Pula and stay there for a few says. From there, I'm going to Milan (Italy) to visit a friend. After that, I'm open to go around.

Travel should be on a budget so I plan to sleep at friends' places and using couchsurf.

I hitchhiked around Europe until 4 years ago....

4739f432fee047d0392f509b11ef665b Thereseann Kontakt
Abreise 29 July 2017
Von Netherlands Nach Slovenia

Hi, I am a Czech girl planning on hitchiking southwards from the Netherlands, ideally to Slovenia. Don't want to hitchike alone though. Date and destination are negotiable :) Anyone interested in joining forces?

99087283cabe7219a874c2a4b9736800 Liska Kontakt
Abreise 29 July 2017
Von Ljubljana, Slovenia Nach Belgrade, Serbia

I plan to explore the Balkans a bit more, so actually I would like to go to Sarajevo and then afterwars to Belgrade. Who is up for that? :)

Abreise 14 August 2017
Von Tbilisi, Georgia Nach Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Maybe someone has similar plans and would like to join for some part or the whole trip? I have around 40 days, mostly for exploring Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, also going hiking in to the mountains. I plan on getting there through Russia and Kazakhstan.

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